Monday, October 27, 2008

Darn digital recorder and the bumps that it records

Tonight I planned on watching some TV and going to bed at a reasonable hour. That way I could get up and do my walking for exercise (God knows I need more of that). I like to do that in darkness simply because I don't want to be seen walking in the neighborhood during the day. I am shy and ashamed because I am obese. Anyway, I got off track. Here I am watching what I recorded (almost everything I watch on TV is recorded for viewing later). I watched two or three different segments that I recorded and then started to watch the shows that I recorded last Monday night on CBS. I enjoy the comedies that they broadcast. When The Big Bang Theory came on and the character named Penny was on screen I could see two bumps on her tight fitting top. Those bumps were right where you would think her nipples were. Now I know that she was wearing a bra, but as I have noticed before, often you can see bumps on women when they are wearing bras. As I have said before, I am straight and girls, females, young ladies, older ladies, lesbians and just about all things women turns me on.  Well, those two little bumps sent my goofy mind to thinking that I needed a good wank before I turned in. My problem is that I love to edge before I close my eyes, shake,  shudder and cum and that takes time. It is just not fair that females have this power over men that cause them to do things that they really should not be doing. But, it is fun just the same. It must be hard being a young boy today entering puberty and being exposed to all the things that start sending blood rushing to their genital area. When I was growing up, I would sneak into my older brothers stash of Playboys and masturbate to the pictures of naked women, turning pages over and over again finding just the right ones that would cause me to cum. Back in my day, pubic hair was airbrushed out. I remember that I often would masturbate to the models wearing bras and panties in the big old Sears catalogs that were around the house. I wonder if my parents knew why I was spending so much time in the bathroom, because that is where I would do all of my masturbating while sitting on the toilet. I could shoot my load into the toilet and that would make the cleanup easier. To this day I always use a catch towel to make the cleanup easier and faster. I think I need to work on allowing myself to make a bigger mess. I guess, kids today find it crazy that guys would use the Sears catalog. They have access to the Internet. With the amount of sexual stimulation that is available today, the next generation of masturbators will be ready for the big leagues as soon as they graduate. Well, I think it is time for me to start to surf the net and find the next group of images of wonderful women that will help me get my rocks off. 57 years old and still masturbating. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some funny, some just enjoyable

I just finished a marathon session that lasted far longer than I expected or needed considering what my schedule is. Oh well, I had to service my addiction and it was worth it. Anyway, I thought that I would share a few of the downloads that I have taken from various sites on the Internet that caught my fancy. Some are fun and I think that you will enjoy. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can you blame me

I don't know about you, but the sight of this young lady is enough to get me aroused. I do so much enjoy being aroused. When I become aroused I feel that it is necessary to honor my minds request that I do something about it. Being a loner, I cannot tap the shoulder of a girl friend and ask for some assistance. It has been over 20 years since I have paid for it and I am afraid to do that anymore because of all of the reports of 'johns' being arrested. Recently, the husband of one of our state senators was arrested and it did not play out well for him in the news media. They also can impound your car if you get caught.  That only leaves me, myself and I to deal with it, like I have for over 40 years. It really not a bad way to deal with life's needs. I know what I like and can deal with it in a way that I find interesting and in the end satisfying.  I have recently been checking out several blogs of lesbians and I find them fascinating. Some of these girls are so much more bold and willing to share what turns them on. I can tell you that I often can relate to what they must be thinking when they get down and dirty with a hot, sexy shapely female. Oh my goodness, I just cannot wait any longer to begin tonight's journey.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Anne Heche

Anne Heche has one fantastic body. I was watching the TV (channel surfing, really) and came across the movie 'Six Days, Seven Nights'. I have never seen the movie and started watching it. I confess that I only watched about the first 25 minutes of it before I decided that I needed to get off. You see, I have a little crush on Anne Heche. Not much, but enough that I get a hard on every time that I see her. I have not followed her career so I am ignorant of what her body of work consists of.  The only thing that I do know is that she goes both ways and has a hot, hot, hot body. The dresses and gowns that she wears always shows off her great curves. I see her in celebrity pictures and I just say to myself, wow, she is put together well. I don't think that she is incredibly pretty, but I do think that she knows how to make what God gave her, look very good. Anyway, after surfing the web after leaving the movie, I found a few pictures that I downloaded from various sites. I think that they are more than enough to get me going today on my quest to blow my load all over my catch towel. Wish me luck on having a good one today.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A gusher tonight

Tonight was like a lot of other nights that I get on the Internet to seek out stroking material. I intended to have a short session of about 2 hours, but I just can't seem to want to quit because edging feels just to good. 5 hours into my session was just about enough for me tonight. I experienced a strong ejaculation with about 6 bursts of semen. I am getting better at controlling where my ejaculation goes when I have these powerful bursts. One time several months ago I lost control and a spurt flew on my keyboard. I don't understand why, but I just do not like causing a mess and being out of control of where I leave my deposit. As long as I have been masturbating, I have always tried to control where my ejaculate goes. I have a sense that it is dirty to make a mess. I kind of wish that I could just learn to let it fly. Until I reach that stage, my trusty 'catch' towel is set up to collect my ejaculation. 

I remember one time several years ago I tried to see how far I could shoot my ejaculation. I soon discovered that the trick to that was applying a tight grip on the penis shaft while ejaculating and not masturbating for several days prior to the attempt. I don't recall now how far I did shoot up in the air, but I did it while laying down and the semen ended up all over my fat belly. I have never tasted my ejaculate and sometimes I think I will practice shooting for distance again and try and reach my face when I cum. Again, making a mess keeps me from trying.

I don't normally begin stroking again after such a long edging session, but I think that all of my discussing of stroking has inspired me to begin again. I know that enough time has passed and my penis will respond to my masturbating so I will say goodnight for now. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How can a guy not get an erection when seeing this

I found a couple of shots from a bloggers site. I want to give the site the proper credit, but being new at this,I am only able to leave the name that I saw. If it is right or not, I really can't say. Anyway, when I saw these photographs I thought to myself that being a guy, I would be helpless to keep from getting turned on if I was to see this in person. Heck, I saw the pictures and got turned on. Females may be the weaker sex, but evolution has given females an education on how to control the males of the species and boy oh boy, it works.