Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

I hope that you and yours enjoy a safe, joyful and happy holiday season. Have the belief that things will get better now that we are reaching the end of the Bush years and the damage that he has done. I have included a few of the cartoons that I found on Flicker. Please enjoy, I had a chuckle when I saw them.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alyssa Milano

So many woman to lust over, so little time. I hi-lite/share some of the better known woman who I have found very interesting. They all seem to turn me on in some way and most of the time it results in my playing with my penis. I am so very lucky to have been born with a desire to see the beauty of the female form. Gosh, there does not seem to be any part of the female form that I don't find hot. As I search more sights within the Internet, I am finding myself lingering more and more on lesbian sites. I get hard just thinking that not only does one or more of the lesbians featured enjoy the female form as much as I do, but I also get the bonus of getting turned on by the very same girl who thinks like me. Oh my. Forgive me, I got distracted and went off subject. The purpose of this entry is to share a few black and white photos that I found on the Internet that show Alyssa Milano nude. I never saw much of her while she was growing up on TV sitcoms and only really started lusting after her when I saw her on the TV series where she played the part of a witch. I can't even remember the name of the series and I only started watching it when it was into it's 3rd or 4Th season. Nothing much else to add except that I had not seen these photos before and don't know why or when they were taken and shared with everyone. I am just happy that they were. She is a turn on in my book. Wow.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Please forgive my attempt at being cute with the title of this entry. I will get to Alice in a bit. Right now I will talk about the looking glass. The looking glass is my cute way of talking about my computer. As I mentioned before, I have only had a computer for a few years. I needed to get a computer at the time because I had been unexpectedly let go from my job and I needed access to the Internet to apply for jobless benefits as well as apply for a new job. I found that going down to the local library or the local state employment help office each time I wanted to get on the Internet was inconvenient and sometimes involved waiting for an available computer. I ended up buying a refurbished computer from Dell Computer that was just like buying new. I would not have a problem buying a refurbished computer from them again. You get a computer that is as new but for a lot less money.

While my attempts to find a new job had it pluses and minuses there was one very positive outcome to buying a computer. My computer came with free AOL access to the Internet for one year. I soon discovered the amazing amount of adult material that could be accessed for free just by logging on and using search engines. After my months trying to find a new job and looking at adult websites, I found that I was spending more time looking at adult material then looking for work.

My masturbation experiences have broadened with the access to the Internet. It seems strange to say this but I am happy that I was let go years ago because when that door closed, another opened. My enjoyment with masturbation has truly been enhanced since I discovered the Internet and what is available. Before, I would go down the the adult book/video store late at night and purchase VHS porn tapes and adult magazines. I would go late at night because I did not want to be seen going into a shop like that. I ended up with dozens and dozens of tapes and magazines over the years. The store is no longer open. It went out of business due no doubt by my finding the Internet.

Sadly for me anyway, there is just so much available that I will never be able to use it all to get my penis hard. One thing that I have discovered is that I tend to find favorites. Certain sites that I enjoy I often go back to again and again. I find some models/actors that really get me hard and make me want to stroke my penis until it is raw. I have discovered 'Boy Butter' that takes care of the problem of stroking my dick until it is raw. 

One model that I found years ago and has been a favorite of mine all these years goes by the name of Alice. She is the girl on the left in the picture included in the December 3, 2008 entry standing in front of the waterfall. A blogger (Tully Mars) who has a fine blog of his own asked about her recently. She was found on various web sites by the photographer G. Galitsin from Russia. I think he liked her as well because he shot photos of her a lot. I cannot say that she is stunningly beautiful because I don't believe she is. There is something about her that places her very close to if not the top of my list though. She does not have features that are unique but still she captures my attention as well as my hard penis. Take her face for example. I can find women on the Internet who have a prettier face. Take her breasts. You can find bigger, smaller or better shaped breasts on many different models. You can say the same about her skin, her hips, her legs, toes, hair, vagina, ass. My point is that I don't think that she is the best in any one thing that I use to turn me on. But, taken as a whole female (as much as one can see from photographs anyway), she has got it. She is my wow girl. I cannot get enough of her. Sadly, the photographer Galitsin has been thrown in jail in Russia and I don't know if I will ever see new photos of Alice. He was able to capture her in a way that I so much enjoy masturbating to. I have included with this post a few of the photos that I downloaded and saved over the years. I would like to encourage you to search Alice out as well for the enjoyment that she can bring to your genitals, be that male or female. The best way I can think of to try and find her is to type Galitsin on a search engine and click on the many links that come up.

Thanks Tully Mars for giving me a reason to share my history with Alice. Oh, and Alice, I will be with you shortly. Gosh it's lucky to have a penis to stroke and isn't that the reason why it's their anyway.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The joys of walking in the mall

I have never really liked the cold winters that I experience up here in Michigan. The one thing that I do look forward to when it gets cold outside is moving my daily walking routine indoors away from the cold and the snow covered sidewalks. To do that, I go to the mall. While you can count on one hand the number of times I go to the mall during the year to buy something, when it comes to walking in the morning before the stores open, I am there almost every day during the winter. You see, being obese, lazy and not in the best of health, I really need to get out and walk as often as I can. I like to believe that I get out to the mall for the healthy benefits of walking, but the dirty old man in me knows that one of the prime reasons I go to the mall is to lurk at all of the pretty salesgirls that come in before the stores open too restock and redo the window displays. I walk at one of the upscale malls in the area and there are many different woman's clothing stores selling all kinds of woman's clothing. You have stores that sell designer gowns and then you have stores that sell blue jeans. The one thing that I find at this mall is that most of the salesgirls are young, fit and know how to dress to impress.

These salesgirls are fashions statements for the clothing industry. They must get a discount on the clothes that they wear because they are always wearing something new and I cannot believe that selling clothes for a living pays well for the vast majority of them. For example, today there was this one salesgirl who was waiting for the manager to show up to unlock the store where she worked. This girl was hot like most of them at the mall. As I approached her I noticed that she was wearing fancy high heeled boots. They looked fairly new to me based on the fact that I did not see any salt stain residue on the leather. We use lots of salt in this area in the winter to melt the snow. Now I cannot believe these boots were ever designed for bad weather. Pointy toes and high heels with a very (and I mean very) narrow heel. If this girl had to walk in the snow in these boots, she would end up on her butt I have to believe. The purpose of the boots were to accent the female form and in this case to my eyes it worked. I would have loved to see her walking in the snow wearing these boots. I can just imagine how her figure would be shown off while taking small steps trying to keep her balance. Oh boy, it's fun thinking about it.

I often am walking past a storefront when the female sales staff are outside looking at the window displays and planing changes that they are going to make. It is a treat for me to drool over these females in there form fitting clothes while I walk by. A extra special treat is when they are changing the window displays and are up on ladders streching their bodies to reach up over there heads while hanging something. The curves of their bodies are being put on display for me. Sometimes I get lucky and catch a peak of something they are showing that they did not intend to be showing (at least I think they did not intend to). Nothing major mind you, but just enough for a shy, fat, lazy dirty old man to get turned on by. 

I get my kicks this way because in my real life I would never come in contact with these beauties. This is my way of adding fuel to the fire. It is fun and it is harmless. One day while I was walking by one of the storefronts, the female in charge was unlocking the door. Many of the doors in this mall are glass doors and the locks are down at the bottom of the door,  just above the floor. Well this pretty and petite manager bent down in a catchers stance so she could unlock the door. Well as luck would have it, this caused her knit top to ride up in the back and her knit tight slacks to pull down in the back exposing her backside and of course, the g-string panties that she was wearing as well. Lucky me! Be still my heart nothing, be still my penis.

There are several mall walkers that really put on a show themselves while walking. There is this one girl in her late forties who always gets my attention. She weights about 130 to 140 lbs, is about 5' 7" and has what I think is a good body. She is not too thin and she is not to fat. She knows how to show off what she has. She has a nice hourglass shape and when she walks it is like a well oiled machine. All the parts are moving just so.  I have to believe that she knows that she is a tease for us old farts. She is always turning around to see if we are watching her as she walks away. We always are.

I guy like me takes his turn-ons where he finds it and if that happens to be at the mall while walking for exercise, I will take it, save it in my memory and use it later while masturbating. I don't bother anyone, I don't molest children, I don't stalk woman, I just seek enjoyment in life. I don't understand why I find it hard to accept that masturbation is not bad. I am not harming anyone, I am having fun doing it and in this day and age it is SAFE SEX in it's purest sense. I am a dirty old man having the time of his life. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

By Design

After my morning mall walk today I returned home and was going to go to bed and try to make up some of the deep sleep that I missed last night because I got into a prolonged edging session. Because a good Steely Dan song came on the radio I decided to plant myself on my bed so that I could really enjoy the HD radio signal that I receive with my bedroom stereo. HD radio has had some problems in my town but I think the engineers are getting the bugs out and it is better than an analog signal (my opinion, anyway).

Well, as I was getting into the sounds I reached down and placed my hand inside my boxers and grabbed hold of my limp penis and gave it a few strokes and then started playing with my scrotum to increase the sensation of enjoyment that this always brings. I had not showered since last nights edging session or since returning from mall walking. The combination of the two meant that my penis was moist near the tip. That can be good or bad to my way of thinking. Its good when you need a little lubrication at the start of stroking. I would think that it would be bad if I were to be sharing this experience with a woman (like that would ever happen) because it can't be considered clean and then there is that smell of sex that lingers after coming.  I do about 95% of my masturbation sessions while at the computer in my home office so that is where my lubrication creme (Boy Butter) is kept.  So having a moist penis in the bedroom when I begin to masturbate works for me. 

It did not take long before my penis began to grow longer and become stiffer. I was feeling good, let me tell you. Add the music playing in the background and trying to get into the beat I soon was clenching my buttocks tight while thrusting my genitals upward. This is my attempt to mimic what I would feel if I were to be inserting my penis in a woman who was on top of me.

I enjoy the heck out of the way I feel while doing this because it brings the whole experience of what it is to truly enjoy having a penis. I get to use my penis as an extension of myself. All of my senses are now being concentrated in thrusting. The end purpose of course is to ejaculate, to spread my seed. My backbone starts to get into the process by delivering more powerful thrusts. The backbone also transfers the signals from the many nerve endings that are popping from my genitals back up to my brain. The sensations of my penis feeds the nerves that travel to the backbone and then to the brain. The brain processes the input from the penis and sends signals back to my genitals that I need to thrust harder and faster. My brain is going into overdrive. Oh my goodness, it is such a natural high. 

Guys get to experience this natural high. Girls just can't do it. They get to experience another type of natural high. Guys know what our great feeling is. It is so much fun. We know that it is like the saying 'flying towards the sun'. We can't help ourselves. We are like moths flying around a porch light at night in July. We push to arrive at that point where it is just to much fun to continue and our body tells us that we need to push the safety button. Yes, here it comes, I can not hold back any more, oh spurt, than spurt again over and over until I have nothing left to give.

I know that from watching web sites like 'I Feel Myself" that woman have the ability to enjoy wonderful orgasms, but it is just not the same as having an ejaculation. That's just the way it is. Life is not fair. I am afraid that I am not being fair to myself right now by putting my thoughts down in this blog when I should be pushing myself to the edge of no return. With that, I am off to get off.

PS I added the three photos at the top of this posting to indicate a few of the images that I have recently ran across while surfing the web. It is truly a joy to be able to view the female body and to experience how that enjoyment translates into a rock hard penis.  Oh, one last insight. The girl on the left in the waterfall picture has been a favorite of mine for a long time. She has provided me with many a enjoyable edging sessions, (like todays).