Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No telling what will get me hard

Here I was wasting my time watching a made for television movie called The Last Templar on NBC and all of a sudden I see a pair of gorgeous legs on an actress in the movie. Not to digress, but I was rather disappointed with the movie overall. Getting back to those legs. They were the legs of Mira Sorvino. Good golly her legs are fantastic. It did not hurt that the director knew that her legs show very well and chose to show them a lot. Anyway, just the sight of those legs was all that it took for me to rise to the occasion. It just amazes me how easy it is for me to become aroused when I see the female form in a way that I like. I truly believe that males should be given a little bit of slack when it comes to how we deal with our penises when they get aroused. It's not our fault that we are hard wired to react to what turns us on. It takes work to turn a female on, but it just comes naturally to males. For guys, it is just normal.

The last time that a female actor had legs that I thought were out of sight was decades ago. I don't remember the movie and I never really watched her much on television, but the actress was Donna Mills. I know that she was on a popular night time soap, but I never watched it and if you asked me to name it, I cannot name the show now. I really should have watched it just to see her legs, but I did not. I will forever keep a found memory of her legs and how great I thought they looked in that unnamed movie that I cannot remember. They have provided me with much pleasure when I think back. It's great to be a male.

To try and tie this all together, I have to tell you about another show that I watched on television recently and made me think to myself, give us guys a break. The show was called Monk. In this episode, the lead actor is a police detective who is on disability leave from the police force and needs a assistant to help him function. His regular RN/assistant (who by the way always wears tight clothes to show off her curves and is a joy to watch) needs to take some time off. She has a friend of hers who is also a RN fill in for her. Of course this female replacement likes to show off her cleavage by wearing her blouse with a couple of buttons undone. She takes poor old Monk to task when he looks in the direction of her cleavage and she sees it. He was not looking at her breasts, he was looking at something on the blouse (lint, dirt etc). She jumps all over Monk about looking at her breasts and cleavage. I say what do you expect. If you go around wearing revealing clothes that show off your cleavage and some guy sees it, he will keep looking because it turns him on. He can't help it. It is just the way guys are. We are hard wired to enjoy that kind of thing and if you are going to put it on display, we will look. That is just the way it is. And lucky for us when we see enough of what females are willing to show, our penises might just start to grow a little bit and make us feel good.

Women are forever wearing revealing clothes knowing that when they do, guys will like to look. But when the guys get caught looking, we get chewed out for it. It is just not fair. But it is also not fair that we who are males have the penises and the females do not. Thank goodness for that. I guess when you add up the pluses and the minuses of being a male with a penis or a female without a penis, it is far better to have a penis that gets bigger on occasion, gets harder on occasion, leaks a little bit now and again and gives males like me so much pleasure that we can't stop playing with it.

Well that's it for this installment, I am going to go on the Internet and find some legs, some cleavage, some curves and all that good stuff that will make my good buddy ejaculate and provide me with tremendous pleasure.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am back having edging fun

My confuser has been repaired and now I am starting to enjoy the edging stimulation that I have missed out on for the last week. I went without for longer than I wanted and learned that doing without did not improve my lazy lifestyle at all. I think I will have to re access my decision to reduce my edging sessions.

My backup confuser has so many things wrong with it (virus, etc.) that it runs very slow and no longer serves my edging sessions very well, but it is still better than going cold turkey which I almost did after the confuser froze up a number of times during one session. As my edging sessions at the old confuser went on I don't believe I was seen by anyone through the wall of windows in front of the confuser except for the group of 5 deer that came around just about every day looking for food. We must have about 7 inches of snow on the ground up here and it must be difficult for them to find any. I don't think they had a problem with a naked fat guy in front of the floor to ceiling windows (without curtains) beating his meat into submission.

While checking out some of the entries on twitter of the people that I follow, I am even more turned on by lesbians. They are so hot. They dig the female form as much as I do and they really can show it. It sure would be neat to be able to share an experience with some by watching and jacking off while they get into each other. That would be a fantastic two for one special for this chronic masturbator. I like to imagine what lesbians are thinking when they are playing with their partners and touching them in ways that have turned themselves on in the past. The knowledge that they bring to the sessions they have must provide an incredible experience. They touch a girls genitals in ways that have turned them on and see what it does to their partner. Oh my gosh, that is so hot that I am sensing some movement in my own genital area. I guess that as hard as a guy may try, a girl will understand better how to service a girl. I guess that could apply as well to a guy and another guy, but I digress. In my life, females and all their parts provide me with all that my mind and penis need.

As far as my own penis goes, I find that the most sensitive part of my penis is that part just below the head and on the underside. It is intense at that area, far more than anywhere else. Sometimes when I get into some longer edging sessions I start to explore a little to give that area a rest. One area that I like to play with is getting down to the root of the penis. Its the area on the underside of the penis down beyond the scrotum area. In the taint area. While this area does not seem to have anywhere near the number of nerve endings that I find on the underside of my penis below the head, it still helps to deliver a intense ejaculation when being played with before attacking the penis shaft nearer the head. I find that when I play with the root of the penis I can experience just how long the penis member actually is. When I think in those terms, the length of my penis doubles at least. Oh my, I wonder if lesbians can understand how great it is to have a penis. The entire structure can be used to reach a point where you fall over the edge and lose the control to stop from ejaculating. Guys have that little (in my case anyway) extra that females are missing. It's great being a guy who has a penis to play with. I think that I am going to experience the joy of edging now and see if I can shoot some semen through the air and have it explode into my trusty catch towel. I know that I am ready to send four or five large spurts out of the little opening at the end of my penis if I try just a little bit.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Progress, well sort of.

It has been a bumpy road for the last couple of weeks. My previously stated goal to concentrate more effort on losing weight and less effort on my addiction to masturbation has not been entirely successful. I am starting to make better choices in the food that I eat, but I still do not have any control over the amount of food I eat. This has always been a problem.

As far as my edging goes, I can report progress. I am now controlling the urge to masturbate to excess. While I believe that it would be impossible to go cold turkey, I do think I can better achieve results. I hope that I can continue, but I also have had some assistance that I was not counting on. My main computer has a problem and I needed to take it into the shop. As of now, I have not been able to use it for over a week. This more than anything else has limited my masturbation sessions. My old computer (which by the way I am using now), is so messed up with things that it is very slow to operate. One thing that I always do and I suspect happens often to people with my addiction is that I need stimulation in massive quantities. I can download hundreds of images and stories during just one edging session. I am constantly trolling for the 'new' stimulus. My old computer just operates to slow. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that I still have it for times like now, it is just that I guess I have become spoiled by my main computer.

I have to chuckle to myself over the first edging session I had this past week with my old computer. It is located in a room where I am exposed to anyone looking in the windows. The wall of windows is floor to ceiling glass without curtains (the computer is only 2 foot away from the windows by the way and not away from the windows). So imagine if you will a obese dirty old man sitting in a chair in front of a computer, naked with a catch towel draped out in front of him between his legs beating his meat for all that it is worth. I know, I know, it is an awful sight to think about, but it is my reality. While I am shamed that I am obese and a chronic masturbater, that is my story. Oh, and the funny thing that I failed to mention. There I was, beating my penis and as I ejaculate, my first spurt misses my catch towel. The spurt flew under the table and hit my big toe of my right foot of my out stretched leg. "Splunk". It almost distracted me from spurting again and again. When I come, I come again and again till done, I can't stop (I don't want to stop!). Most of the time, I can control where I spurt, but not this time in a new position. The next day I see a spot on the floor chair wheel protector that looks somewhat like a salt stain from wet boots that have not been wiped well when coming in from outside. I think that I should check and see if more than one spurt missed the catch towel. Now that would even be funnier to me. Gosh it's great to have a penis.

I dream of the day when I am able to better explore my abilities to jack off when I am not restricted due to my enormous size. Because I am so big (sadly, not in the penis), I have problems getting my hand down to my penis and the surrounding area. I am sure that I must be missing out on much pleasure. That is one goal that I should try and reach. My penis is getting hard just thinking about it, and I have not viewed a female on the Internet yet (it's great having a penis). I have found that it is very hard to do anything with my butt hole or my 'taint' because of my size and the difficulty of reaching them. I guess that is why often I enjoy viewing and reading about things involving the sensations of the butt hole and the 'taint'. Another benefit of losing weight will be the reduction of the size of my belly that covers my genital area. If I stand naked in front of a mirror, I cannot see my penis because of my belly. I can only see part of one of my balls hanging down I am just that big.

I think I will sign off for today and continue my edging session. I never planned to stop, just control the number of sessions. While writing this I have also been playing a little with my balls and penis and have been able to get a little bit moist down there, so I need to take care of that. I can't ignore the great feeling I get while playing with the bottom of my penis up near the head where it feels so good. Oh yes, I do love it. I certainly hope that you find enjoyment as well. As always, thank you for letting me share.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Access the coming year and thanks

I have made it into the new year and I am grateful that I was able to find as much to be thankful for as I have. My perspective of the year just past is filled with my obsession to masturbate. This by far was the most enjoyable pastime. I want to thank everyone who has posted on the Internet things that I used to get hard and then to ejaculate. The pleasure was all mine.

One thing that I am always on the look out for when I begin my sessions, are the different links that I find that you publishers have allowed me to use. The ability that I can use to cherry pick finds/links that you make available are one of the fantastic things I like to use. I am so uneducated in the proper use of the computer and the Internet that I often wonder about the things that I am missing. Thanks for being my scout on the Internet and discovering so much to turn me on.

The problem that I have discovered this past year is that there is just so much out there and I don't have the ability to devote enough time to satisfy my pleasure. That is my curse. You see, this past year my obsession (addiction) has taken over my life and I need somehow to try and control it. I have not been getting out as much as I should, I no longer am eating properly (as if I ever did), I am not exercising as much as I should. The terrible side effect of this lifestyle is something that I cannot afford to abuse.

If you recall from reading about me, I am obese. I weight 400# and I have an enlarged heart. My weight this past year has increased about 20# and it is slowing me down. I hate that I am falling back into my old ways and I am determined to try and correct this.

One of the side effects of my huge belly is that my penis is hidden. When I was losing weight I was encouraged because I found it better when I masturbated. I was able to better grab hold of my penis and stroke it. When I got kinky, I would grab a mirror and try and see my penis. When you weight 400#, this is something you do because it is hard to see your penis if your penis is not very large (as is mine).

The coming year I expect will require me to focus on reversing the weight gain and as such, I may not be able to satisfy my need to masturbate as often as needed. So for you fellow masturbaters out their (on course male and female), while I may not be checking in as often as I have in the past, I will still be getting off while sitting on my catch towel in front of my computer enjoying reading and viewing what you share with us chronic masturbaters. I will be with you in spirit enjoying the pleasure that is the only safe sex out there.