Monday, March 23, 2009

Sciatica and the joys it can bring

It has been a rough month for me. I came down with a case of Sciatica. I lived with the pain that it causes for about 3 weeks before going to see my doctor. It's a guy thing waiting for 3 weeks before going for help, (you know, macho talk, I can get through it without any help, I'm a guy). My doctor figured out what my problem was right away, or should I say his shadow did. He was training a cute young doctor at his practice and I saw her before seeing my doctor. Well anyway, they recommended that I get physical therapy so I have been going for treatment for over 2 weeks now and the pain is not going away. It changes from time to time based on what the treatment is, but the horrible pain is still there. I walk with a cane and I am hunched over most of the time (pretty good for a dirty old fart/hermit/troll like me). Each time I go for treatment they give me what they call ultrasound. I guess it sends heat down deep in the muscles where a heating pad can't. Since they do it on my lower back, they need to yank my drawers down below the crack of my ass. For a hermit like me, this is about as close to getting down and dirty with someone as I ever get. Most of the therapists giving the ultrasound treatment are young females and I can just guess that when they pull back the curtains and see a obese males backside staring at them, they go yuck. Hey, I try to treat them all nice. I always shower and put on clean drawers before going for treatment, so I don't stink up the place. Today after the female therapist gave me the ultrasound  treatment, the male physical therapist massaged my back and when that was done he hooked me up to some electro stimulation devise to try and get my back muscles to loosen up. Since I did not need to tie up an exam room for this treatment, I was seated in the central hallway where I was able to watch all of the activity that was going on for the half hour that it took for the treatment. As I said before, most of the ultrasound therapists are female and a bunch of the rest of the staff are females as well. Let me tell you that I enjoyed sitting in the hallway watching all of the wonderful females going back and forth. I like to watch to see if they show pantie lines through there pants. I like to watch and see how their buttocks shift up and down and all around while they walk by. I certainly like looking at the chests of these wonderful females to see how each breast reacts to the pace of the walking. A little more bounce here or there. I like to look and see if the breasts are properly supported or are they being allowed to sag. For a old fart like myself who never has contact with females, I was having a great time. I tell you in all honesty, there were very few females that I did not enjoy watching. I just love the female form and what it can make my mind do to me when I look at them. Of course while I was sitting getting my treatment, I kept things under control. I am a chronic masterbater, not a sex pervert. No wood for me. I will wait for later. I must confess that while sitting waiting for the timer to go off, I reset the timer a couple of times just so I could continue watching the bouncing and the giggles that I saw. You see, I don't get out much and don't get to enjoy being a voyeur even if it is fairly mild as this is. 

I recall that not to long ago while surfing the Internet, I came across some information about electro stimulation devices that guys and girls use to assist them in getting off. I wonder if the devise I was using today could be adapted to assist me in getting my rocks off. I think I need to do some research on the subject. Who knows, if I can get one of these units to take home for self medication, I just might find a new way to provide me with a intense ejaculation which will kind of even the score with the intense pain that this case of sciatica is causing me now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Enjoyable Curves

I am often surfing the web for things I can use to masturbate to. It is a very enjoyable experience for a hermit like me. One of the things that I like to look at involves young teens of the female sex just goofing off in basements and bedrooms. I am talking about the amateur YouTube type videos. These young girls are often in just there underwear and like to play in front of there camera. There is no sex involved and no nudity. I guess the word to describe the performance that they put on for the camera is tease. While I hope that these young girls are very careful with this practice when out in the real world, I do enjoy looking at them when they are at home having a sleepover or whatever. They are young and they are discovering what a joy that they are for us (male perverts, like me and I guess female perverts as well). It is innocent fun posing for the camera the way they do. They are learning that they are sexual and if used in a way that is provocative, it draws attention to them and they like it. I guess they are thinking how this has an effect on their friends, when they show the videos to them. Their friends will all laugh, point fingers and make comments about what they have seen. I like to think that maybe their friends are thinking that this is hot and its turning me on, but I can't tell them that, I am just to shy. I like to think that sometimes the girls in the videos, playing in their underwear (bras and panties) sometimes think my friend is hot and I would like to touch, kiss and feel her all over but don't. I like to think what they are thinking when they decide to post the videos for everyone to see. Do they know that old farts like me really enjoy playing with my penis while watching them. Would they say - gross - if they were to think it, but deep down like the fact that they have that kind of control.

I am sure that I am not alone when I say that I am addicted to the female body. I cannot get over how much I enjoy seeing females having one shape for breasts, one shape for waist and one shape for hips. Sometimes if they are in the right combination, I cannot stroke my penis fast enough. The females can be young, they can be old. They can be White, Black, Asian. They can have large breasts or small breasts. Their waists can be thin or fat. Their hips can be narrow or wide. All I do know is that there is a formula when taken as a whole, makes my penis need attention.

When I started this update I had been on the web for a couple of hours and most the time I spent playing with my penis and ball sack. My penis was fully hard and was making me feel real good. Now my penis is soft and because it is so small when soft and mushy, it is engulfed by my ball sack. I need to reach in with my fingers between my ball sack and penis, to get down in to start playing with my penis. I know it will respond. I need it to respond. I need to experience what one gets when semen surges out of the little opening at the end of ones penis. In my case, it will go all over my catch towel that I place under me when I sit in front of the confuser. I have to go now. I have to stroke my penis while dreaming of what it would be like to actually have sex with a female. That is something that a shy, lazy, obese hermit like myself can only dream about.