Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coping with the pain and it's effects

One thing that I am not doing so much any more is sitting naked in front of the computer screen searching the web for things that will make me want to masturbate. This pain from sciatica makes sitting in one place for a long time uncomfortable. Because I am almost homebound due to the sciatica, I find myself camping out in front of the television for hours and hours everyday moving to different positions while sitting. On the days when I decide to push through the pain and go online, I am rewarded with a nice ejaculation into my catch towel.  Tonight I hope that I will be just as successful.                                                                                                                                                                                            As I have mentioned before, I am a hermit. I live alone, I am very shy, I do not interact with others. My only outlet for sexual pleasure is the internet. Sadly I find that I mostly now just sleep to endure the pain and wake up watch tv for a while and sleep again. 

It is difficult to stand and I find that I must take a break when I take showers because of the pain. That lead me to purchase one of those shower chairs that you can use while taking a shower. It was not cheap because I weight over 400# and most shower chairs are not built to handle that weight. The one I bought has a 400# rating. One thing that sitting in the chair allows me to do that standing does not is really getting a good cleaning around my genitals.  Even though my penis is buried under my gut  (below the belt) overhang, I was still able to grip and clean my penis while standing. Getting too my taint was somewhat difficult while standing. Now while I am sitting, I can reach areas that were harder to reach while standing. My ability to grab my penis and balls makes for a better wash, clean and rinse while sitting. I have never attempted masturbating while taking a shower while standing but I am now in position  (sitting) where I might give it a try. I know the first time I cleaned my genital area while sitting, I did experience the urge to jack off and I did get myself hard, but I stopped. Another concern that I have about masturbating in the shower while sitting in the shower chair is that I will be rocking the chair and adding extra strain to the chair while losing control and break the chair. 

Another thing that I purchased as a way to cope with the pain was to buy one of those huge 'Big John Toilet Seats'. If you are looking at buying one because you are obese like me, be forewarned, these are really big. I don't mean big like you are in danger of falling in, but big in the seat itself. It provides a larger surface for your butt cheeks to rest on and it increases the height that you are sitting at while sitting on the toilet. This toilet seat is rated for 1,000# so I guess I have a long way to go before breaking it. The bad thing about the rating is that I don't think the toilet seat works as well as it should for a guy of my size (at the lower end weight range). I find that this seat is uncomfortable to sit on and there is another side effect that I want to describe. 

One thing that I have to do as a obese male (even before the new seat) is to take a piss like a girl (sitting down). My penis is buried under so much belly fat that I can no longer get a grip of it while standing to take a leak. My penis is only about 5 inches long while soft and it is buried under fat. If I try to piss standing up I end up pissing on my pants.  Anyway, the belly fat and the surrounding fat prevents my penis from pointing down while sitting to take a leak.  The flow of urine kind of streams towards the front of the bowl rather than down. (Ever heard the one about the guy with the long penis who remarks about how cold the toilet water is while he sits down to take a dump - my lame attempt at humor). With the extra height while sitting on this new seat, sometimes the stream hits above the lip of the bowl and runs down the outside of the toilet leaving a puddle on the floor. I sometimes found that I would have this problem while using a normal toilet seat, but only after I had masturbated. It was after masturbating that my penis would shrivel up hide behind my rolls of fat and ball sack. Now I expect I will have a problem pissing with the new seat after masturbating and I am prepared to try and be extra careful. Trying to be extra careful every time I take a piss is something else. I take water pills for my bad heart and I need to 'go' quite a bid. I may just go back to a normal seat and live with the pain.

So there you have it. I bought two items to help me with my bout with sciatica and both now have an effect on my addiction to masturbation. One helps and one hurts the experience. 

I found a set of photos on the internet that I enjoyed looking at even though I said 'oh no' to myself after I looked at them all. You might enjoy them as well, so I am including them.  Please find as much pleasure playing with your own genitals as I have playing with mine. It's great to lose control of yourself speaking as a guy and I suspect, as well being a girl.