Thursday, May 28, 2009

The penis knows what the penis wants

So here I am TV channel surfing during late night (after Letterman), and I come across a older show that is in reruns. The show is called Still Standing. I seldom watched the show when it was on prime time. I liked the show but it must have been up against another show that I liked more so I watched that. Since 'Still Standing' has been in reruns, I would sometimes watch it, but I never made it a must see show. I have always thought that the actress Jami Gertz was nice on the eyes. I remember seeing her when she was younger in movies and that was when she caught my eye the first time. 

My intent tonight was just to watch enough TV so that I would dose off in the chair, wake up  a little later and go to bed. My plan was working and then I woke up to see Jami Gertz (Judy on the show) dressed in this low cut black dress and right away the signals from my eyes to my brain sent the uncontrollable signals to my penis. She just looked so darn hot in this dress. I wish now that I woke up sooner. I don't know what I missed. 

With the show now ended, my penis is crying out for more visual stimulation that will cause me to play with it. Thank goodness for the Internet and the world wide web.  While cruising the Internet I needed to remove all of my clothes in anticipation of what's to come. I grab my catch towel and set it out as well (I think it is time to rotate another catch towel into circulation, this one has a few crusty places on it and needs to be washed).  While conducting my research, I find time to play extensively with my ball sack. The sack itself is very loose fitting over my balls and I can stretch the skin quite a bit. I am able to roll my balls with my fingers and slide my fingers down to the base of the ball sack (down near the 'taint').  Sadly, because I am so fat, it is hard for me to explore this area as much as I would like while sitting in a chair. I will often explore that area (and a fine area to explore it is) with my fingers while I am lying down on a bed. Lucky for me that I am able to play around with the ball sack below the balls without any problems. I rather enjoy pushing my fingers in down in that area for the root of my penis.  I enjoy feeling the hardness of the root shaft. While nerve endings in that area my be few and far between, I still rather enjoy the feeling that I do get. 

I did find success in finding photographs of Jami Gertz wearing the dress that contributed to turning my penis on. I am happy to share a few with all of you.  Anyway, what is so incredible to me was the cleavage that is exposed while she is wearing this dress. Her cleavage is right on perfect as far as I can see. She has ample breasts and oh my, I think when I look at the cleavage she shows while wearing this dress, it's awesome. The curves of the two breasts and then just slightly touching each other makes my penis jump. Once I have used the photos as my launching pad, I am going on a unplanned journey of joy. That cleavage will do incredible thinks to us lucky guys who have a penis that responds that kind of thing. 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Out of my mind on Saturday afternoon

Here it is Saturday afternoon and it's warm and sunny outside and what am I doing. Well you guessed it, I am sitting in front of this confuser. And then before you know it, my hand will reach down under my pants and boxers and begin playing with myself. What I should be doing is getting outside and enjoying the great weather, but no, I have just removed my shirt, my pants, my shoes and socks and left them in a pile on the floor. There goes my hand again, it's beginning to wander under my boxers again. My hand never seems to get lost. It always finds it's way to my penis. It's really not all that hard for my hand to find my penis even though my penis is on the small side because when my penis wants to be played with, it just begins to stand straight up and then my hand bumps into it. Well, guess what, now I am sitting in front of this confuser and my boxers have now been added to the pile of clothes on the floor and I am naked in front of my confuser. Darn, I wish I could just go out on the terrace like this (naked that is), take a seat and play with myself until I can no longer control myself. Sadly, I don't think that kind of thing is allowed in my neighborhood (at least during the daylight hours).  Maybe I will open the window and see if some cool breeze will blow my way. 

I have often wondered about the private nudist clubs and resorts that are listed in the telephone books and web sites. They say in the information pages when they talk about the clubs that they are "family" resorts. I guess that is code for no hanky panky going on while visiting. Not ever having the nerve to visit anything like those places, I wonder if stuff does happen. Today with the great weather, I would think that some of the clubs and resorts have guests enjoying themselves naked outside right now. I would like to believe that people actually go to these places because they enjoy the lifestyle. I wish I was one. All I do know for sure is that my mind is out of control when I think of naked people. I cannot think of it as anything other than sexual. I guess that is sad in a way, but that is just how I am. In a way, I am made for visiting places ware one goes walking around naked. Of course any guests who would see my naked body at a club would be disgusted because I am obese. I guess you could say that I am ashamed of my body and the way it looks. But getting back to why I think I am made for a resort or club like those is simple. I can walk around naked in a 'family' resort and have a raging hard-on from seeing all of the naked bodies and no one will ever know it. My penis is only about 5 or 6 inches long when it is rock hard and my huge belly as well as the fat on my legs more or less covers my genital area. Gosh, what a sight, almost makes you want to puke. I know my penis is covered for a fact because I will often stand naked at home in front of a mirror in the bathroom just before getting into the shower. My penis can be shriveled up like normal or it can be rock hard. Either way, I can't see it. The only thing that I can see is my right ball hanging down below the overhang (just a little bit of it, not the whole ball and sack). I will stand there looking at myself in the mirror while naked and see that round ball and I like to think to myself, yea, that's the end of my penis hanging down there you guys, it's so long that you can see the tip of my head hanging down even with that huge belly. Kind of crazy, but the head of a penis is kind of round and the ball within my ball sack looks kind of round while hanging down there for all to see (if they look). From a distance it just might fool someone into thinking 'that guy is hung'. I know that's what I wished back when I was working and it was necessary for me to shower after work with my workmates. I hate to admit that I believe in the stereotype that most African American males are well endowed. It is just that from my limited experience of being in a locker room of mixed races, I have found the stereotype to be true. I still like to cling on to the belief that it is not the size that matters as long as you know how to use it. Is there a female out there who wants to tell me how to use it because I have only used it to provide me with pleasure and maybe I should try and find out how else to give my penis pleasure.

What can I say, I am a guy and guys will check out other guys penis while in the locker room. Hey, I know it is hard to admit, but I think it is true. Being a guy, just about anything can be a contest. If a guy said that he can pick a bigger nose booger out of his nose than you, would you let that remain unchallenged? It's just another thing that guys do, like playing with their penis. We all do it. I don't care if you are straight or you are queer, a monk or a rabbi, if you have a penis, you are going to play with it at one time or another. It is just to much fun to ignore.

Speaking of the fun guys have, I am going to have some fun with my small penis. I am going to use this great source of images that the great minds have created for chronic strokers like me. Oh yes, one more thing I would like to add for all of you web cruisers out there. Check out this blog This site has often provided enjoyment during my stroking sessions and gives lots of suggestions of other places that can add to your pleasure while nearing the point of no return. 

If I really work at it, my edging session will wrap up in time for me to get outside and enjoy the remainder of the day.  But, then again, if I happen to have an extended edging session that runs into nightfall, I just might get the nerve to wander outside onto the terrace while naked to continue stroking my penis. Happy stroking everyone. I am reaching for my catch towel right now.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The long road back

I am on the road to recovery (I think). I have had two injections in my lower back after not getting any results from physical therapy. I started feeling better after stopping the physical therapy but before the first injection. The pain is pretty much gone from my life but I still cannot walk for long distances or stand for a extended period of time without pain. The doctor said that the recovery will take time and may even take longer than the period of time that I suffered from sciatica. Well, the entire summer could be lost just like most of my spring. 

I say lost because I have not been able to 'perform' the thing that I enjoy doing so well without discomfort. I can't say that I did not try. I am a chronic masterbater anyway and the build up of my ejaculate did require release. The times were just few and far in between. 

I have been at it now for about an hour and fifteen minutes and I have needed to wipe my left (stroking) hand a couple of times already because of the leakage. I don't mind that happening early in my sessions, I just need to be careful about two and one half hours in that I don't start a chain of events within me that I am unable to control. I hate it when the train leaves the station without a full head of steam. 

I am back from a pause that I took while writing this to play with myself and get hard again. Oh how I do love all of the beautiful women who are willing to allow photos of themselves in sexy and or provocative  poses to be published on the web. My mind goes into overdrive when I see these photos. I know that I will never get a chance to see any female who is naked unless I pay for it and that is sad for me. Who would want to get naked with a obese 57 year old retied hermit with a small penis anyway? Thank god for the Internet.

I just took another short pause. It only lasted about one minute but in that short minute, my hand was able to communicate to my brain the landscape of my shaft and head. I was able to get the nerve endings in my penis just below the skin to crackle and pop while shooting the sensations to my brain.  My head rolled back, my eyes closed and my breathing started getting intense. The sound of inhaling and exhaling became louder and started to break up due to the intense signals going to my brain. All that and it was only about a minute away for play. Gosh, it is great being a guy and being able to have the enjoyment of playing with himself. 

I really need to get back to getting myself off (not that this is not fun), but I have a lot of  missed opportunities to make up for. I have also included a few of the many photos that I have downloaded from the Internet that for whatever reason cause my mind to hit a nerve or cause my penis to twitch.