Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A marathon session

Wow, I can't believe I lasted 8 hours tonight. It is hot and muggy and very uncomfortable for me right now. I guess to take my mind off that, I just went on and on.
A few nights ago while I was checking out the group that I follow on Twitter I went to "Jizlee" who almost always is willing to share what she finds sexy. Well she mentioned someone who I have never heard of before and I checked her out. So for the last two or three nights I have spent a good deal of time trying to find out more about this performer. Now I am a 57 year old (almost 58) dirty old fart who knows nothing from nothing and never thought I would be addicted into checking this performer out. This girl is downright goofy and weird and a whole lot sexy. I suggest that any of you old farts reading this should go on your own little adventure and check her out. This performers name is Lady Gaga and she is a singer/performance artist and about as far out there as I can imagine (for a 57 year old guy). So thank you Jizlee for mentioning Lady Gaga on your Twitter account.

One more thing before I sign off (I need to sleep now). I ran across a site that I will check out later, but you might be interested in checking it out now if you are a cut guy and wished that you were not. The site is file: http--www.tlctugger.com. I hope that I did it right, but if I screwed it up, the address is short so it won't be hard to type in yourself.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday and it's great outside

Here it is Monday and I get up early and go for my workout up at the senior center. I was the first one in the door and was able to get to my workout without having to wait to use any machines. A great way to start another week. I don't know why I let waiting to use machines bother me, but I do. I am retired so it is not like I have somewhere I need to be, so a bit of a delay does not cause a problem except in my head. It must be a guy thing, turn everything into a competition even if it only takes place in my head.

I arrive back home and I get out a fresh packed and a frozen pack of food to zap with the micro. I am eating better now while trying to lose weight, but still need to do better in reducing the amount of food that I eat. I then eat my brunch while watching programs that I had recorded to watch at a later time (I have almost 30 hours to catch up on now).

I usually fast forward through the commercials, but there is a primary election this week in Detroit and a bunch of political commercials are being broadcast all the time. If you have not heard this before, let me be the first to tell you that the Detroit leadership is all screwed up. I don't live in Detroit so I do not have a vote, but it is fun for me to chuckle when I watch all the Want-To-Be's make promises that they cannot keep. There are few requirements or restrictions on entering a political race in Detroit. There are convicted murderers, robbers, drug dealers and just about anything else you can think of running for office in the city of Detroit. One of the commercials stirs a little bit of excitement in my penis. It's the first arousal I have felt in a couple of days and it comes from a political ad, go figure.

The commercial shows the current mayor (of only 3 months) walking down a hallway with members of his staff discussing something. The mayor and his staff are all African American males except for one African American female. It is simply watching this young lady in the scene walk down the hallway that catches my eye and begins to turn me on.

I don't know if the director intended this female to have this effect on the viewers (I really don't think so), but it did to me anyway. The female has a nice face and is dressed well. She must weigh about 150 pounds so she is not a size 2 and looks to be in her 20's or 30's. What I enjoy about women who weigh about 150 pounds is that there is still the hint of an hourglass shape that I enjoy so well and they try so hard to make sure that dirty old men like me notice it. Well this young African American female hit the jackpot in my mind. Her tight skirt was cut off about knee height and maybe a little higher and she was wearing high heels and I think nylons. Her blouse was of a sheer fabric that was loose fitting, somewhat clingy and looked sheer with a shiny surface. This is how my minds eye sees it anyway.

Everything that needed to bounce was bouncing. Everything that needed to sway was swaying. I have no reason to know because I have never been close to a female and female clothes, but because of the bounce in her breasts while walking down the hallway and the way the light came off the fabric of the blouse she was wearing, I figured that she was not wearing a bra. I mean each breast was bouncing independently of the other under the sheer fabric. "Boing". Does that indicate she is not wearing a bra? I think so. I know that I am a guy and I liked looking at it. Oh, one more thing about her breasts. They were not overly large for a women of her size. As I said before, she was still trying to keep a nice figure and I suspect, be interesting to males.

I always enjoy watching women walk in heels. The way high heels firms up the calf and thigh muscles while walking is a turn on. The effect that high heels has on the way a female body is positioned while walking is true enjoyment. Each and every step a women takes in heels is a adventure for us guys to look at, drool over and dream about. The shape of the legs, the way it makes the female butt stick out and the upper body lean forward, now that's what I like. As uncomfortable as wearing high heels must be, women still do it and I believe they do it to get males attention much more than make themselves look good for anyone else or themselves. They may almost never admit it, but I believe the main motivation in presenting themselves in high heels is to make a guy get his penis bigger and then harder.

After my brunch I go take my mid morning nap (did I tell you that I am retired and loving it). I wake up in mid afternoon and it is great. The weather has been very good this summer. It has not been hot and humid as of yet, except for a few days. There is a strong breeze and I have all the windows and doors open and when I do that any breeze outside also comes inside as well. I have to block to doors from slamming shut. I have the ceiling fan on in the bedroom and it's nice and comfortable laying in my bed. Before getting up I roll over part way onto my back and find a nice location where it feels good in my lower back. I am stretching in a way that brings pleasure to an area that I have experienced pain at for several months this year. I had some problem with my sciatic nerve on one side of my back and am still not fully recovered from, so this is truly a good time. I then reach below the waistline of my boxers while enjoying the breeze and the stretching of my back and begin to feel up my ball sack. I can reach down and make contact with a little bit of my perineum as well. Both of these things I am doing to myself feels good and shortly after that my penis begins to come to life.

Because my penis is just average (oh, OK, below average in size) and the fact that I am obese, while I was playing with my ball sack I do not have contact with my penis. The excess fat and skin around my body kind of hides everything in my genital area. My ball sack is very loose fitting (for lack of another term) and can easily hide my penis. Being a chronic masturbator as I am, I get great joy in experiencing the way my penis gets bigger while playing with it. It is interesting to contrast the way it starts out being very soft and spongy and then begin to grow and get hard. It is not very long before it no longer is hidden under my ball sack skin a pokes it's little one eyed head out for all to see (as if anyone wanted to see it, I can't without a mirror).

So after playing with my now rock hard stiff penis for a while, I get up to take a piss and while sitting taking a piss I am reading the newspaper. Oh yes, if I have not mentioned it before (and if I have, sorry for repeating but my memory is bad). For many years I find that it is easier for me to piss like a girl rather than as a guy. My penis naturally pops out of my ball sack skin folds while sitting whereas if I was to piss while standing I would have a hard time getting to my penis. Being shriveled up and soft it is difficult for me to get to while standing. My huge belly does not help either. So, in the newspaper am reading I see a picture on Gwyneth Paltrow on the Tonight Show and read the accompanying article below the picture. In the picture Ms. Palthrow is sitting while wearing a short dress and her legs are exposed and the skin is very shiny (as much as you can see with a grainy newspaper picture). The article is about her shiny legs and I guess females now are going around in dresses and skirts without wearing nylons, but have applied baby oil to their legs to give them a different look (making a fashion statement, the article sayes). My oh my, the lengths women will go to to torment dirty old chronic masterbators like me. Fashion Statement, sure.There is a never endless supply of images of females that I find enjoyable and I aways enjoy the new and unexpected. That's one reason I find looking at lesbian web sites so enjoyable (they like what I like in just a slightly different way.

It seems like whenever I am watching a recorded show on television, I see many shots of females wearing low neck tops and they are forever leaning or bending over allowing the camera to capture the moment when one is able to see the exposed cleavage gap between the breasts. There is so much of it that it cannot be by accident. Heck, on many shows I see young boys looking straight down the gap between their mother's breasts while she is leaning over. Is that sick or are we being brainwashed into accepting that situation. It is so much fun for a masturbator like me to pause the shot in just the right spot that I enjoy the best. It is fun to look and see the breasts extend downward while the female is leaning forward. The breast shape changes while the weight shifts in it's hanging position. It is pure joy when the breasts seem to fall free from any bra that the female may be wearing and rock back and forth in freedom. Yes, I am a 57 year old dirty old man who thinks like I did when I was a teenager. I never experienced any touchy feely in junior or senior high school so you can understand why I am like I am. I was a dirty old man then and did not know it. I knew that I was a constant masturbator then and now I am a masturbator who practices the enjoyment one gets from edging. A different road taken, but ending in the same place. I get to ejaculate and have that function momentarily take over all of my sensations. Oh, it's great to be a guy who has a penis that can give one so much pleasure. It is that pleasure road that I think I will take this evening. I plan to play with my ball sack and play with my perineum while thinking of girls. When my penis starts to grow I will begin to abuse it. I will let it get very hard and then let it go soft several different times and in different ways. Then I will get out the catch towel and the Boy Butter brand of lubricant that I enjoy using. The process will begin again. Play, get hard, go to the edge, stop, slowdown, cool off, search for new images on the confuser, repeat until several hours later exhausted and having my penis wore out I will tumble over the edge entering that pleasure place that guys get to enjoy. Oh boy, I just now put my hand under my boxer waistline and touched the tip of my soft and hidden penis head and guess what, precum, the sticky kind is already on site. I tasted my precum one time recently and it must be me because I really did not enjoy it unlike many penis abusers that I enjoy reading about. I think sooner or later I am going to find the willpower to taste my own ejaculate, just to experience it, even if I think it is nasty. I am 57 years old and I have never tried it. Because I am so shy I know I will never enjoy the pleasure of having a female give me a blow job unless I paid for it and I don't think I will do that any time soon, but that to me would be the best way for me to taste my own cum. Tasting it off of her face or lips or from her mouth. I have to believe that is how most guys first experience tasting their own cum. They kiss their female friend and she still has some of his ejaculate on her. I also enjoy dreaming about having females forcing me to ejaculate onto my face and mouth. Or they give me a blow job and then want to kiss me on the mouth and while doing so, she forces my ejaculate that she has not swallowed into my mouth. Wow, what I surprise. I really need to try and find a group in the area that share group masturbation. Who knows over time, maybe do something more. Until next time, the journey begins.

And a few more recent finds that I find enjoyable.