Saturday, September 19, 2009

Getting turned on at the bar

Today I went to a bar to watch a football game. I don't have cable TV (I am way to cheap for that) and the game I wanted to see was only broadcast on "The Big Ten Network". The team I was pulling for won by the way. I ended up drinking about 7 beers and eating a bag of chips and at halftime a 1/2 pound cheeseburger with all the fixings and a large plate of french fries. I love food that is not good for me.

At one time while I was working and my schedule rotation had me on the day shift, I would stop at a bar after work with a buddy of mine. We must have done this for about 10 years until he retired. This guy could drink beer all night long and be fine the next day. I was never a heavy drinker which is a surprise considering that I chow down food like a horse. I am always overeating which explains why I am obese, but for some reason, I just don't drink like I eat except when I would stop with my drinking buddy. I figured that after stopping a few times I could keep up with him and it was not long after stopping with him on a regular basis, I was able to. Of course my advantage was I was and am obese (400 pounds) and he was close to 200 pounds. We would put away 15 beers night after night.

Anyway, since I was retired (not my choice, by the way), I rarely go to the bar and almost never drink. I know that I am lucky that I never picked up on that vise and I feel sorry for those that have gotten hooked on it. The only time I drink anymore is in the fall when I go to the bar to watch a football game that is only being shown on cable. This will happen several times each year and the pattern is the same.

One of the joys I get when going to the bar to watch the game is sitting at the bar watching the TV and whenever I can, stare at the barmaid behind the bar. I don't ever want to get caught starring at them, but they always are wearing those tight fitting blue jeans and tank tops. For a hermit like me, that's all the action I will get for years. Today I was in for a treat. This pretty (so-so) young lady looked to be in her mid 30's and was a little rough around the edges. She was not a stunning beauty by any stretch, but being a barmaid, she tried to work with what she had. Tips are so important when working as a barmaid. She has to be a flirt for old farts like me who are tight with money.

My old drinking buddy once told me that he would not drink at a bar that had a guy working behind the bar. The server had to be a girl. This buddy of mine was a real dog. He hooked up with barmaids at almost every bar that we would go to. Quite a lifestyle, don't you think. Oh, and he was divorced three times after his wives got fed up with him staying out late every night.

This barmaid was kind of like what one would imagine a biker babe would be like only dialed down quite a bit. She was loud and she did not shy away from talking rough with her regulars (I, by the way, am not a regular). She had a little bit of extra weight and all the clothes she was wearing were very tight. Oh, her behind just kept getting my attention. When she was answering the telephone standing with her back facing me she often would take her free hand, reach behind and softly stroke her butt (not scratching) just gently rubbing between the center seam of the jeans and one of the back pockets. This is the area where her butt cheek begins to turn in towards her thigh. I simply love looking at girls wearing tight blue jeans.

She wore a black top with short sleeves and a non reveling neckline. The one thing that was a constant distraction for me was that the shirt was short. There was a band of skin above the blue jeans and below the hem of the knit shirt that was always being shown. She was always pulling the hem of the shirt down when it began to ride up. It was always riding up, by design. Oh how I enjoyed that. I never saw the shirt ride up in the front to the point where I could see her belly button, but the hint of the belly button was very clear. I could see the curvature of her skin at the lower side of her belly button and that was so very hot for me to see. As I said before, she was not thin and in point of fact, she did posses a tummy that did kind of roll over her blue jeans at her waist. She also had some roll over on the sides and back as well, but by no means am I saying that I did not enjoy what was being presented. A dirty old man like me is not in position to be judgemental. I enjoy what is presented and get to have dirty thoughts that I can recall later while I play with myself when I get home. Just like I am doing now.

Going to the bar to stare at the barmaids gives me a different perspective. Most of my views of females comes from searching the Internet. I am far to shy, to obese, to old, to inexperienced and to ashamed of myself to ever explore what it would be like to actually have a close relationship with a female. Heaven forbid I should ever have a chance to touch the skin of a warm soft female. Oh, I could go on and on, but I do have an agenda to keep. I need to get some sleep before rising early tomorrow and doing my weekly shopping for the foods that help me maintain my lifestyle of being obese and shy. Going early on Sunday morning works for me because the store does not have many customers and hermits like me don't care for crowds of people.

Because I edge when I masturbate, I need to get started if I am to maintain my schedule. Just be assured that I will really enjoy playing with myself tonight. I think that I will pretend that the barmaid will play with my penis. She will touch it softly in the area just below the head on the bottom side of my little penis. It will feel so, so good. She will blow on it and tickle it. She will laugh and smile when she sees how I react to what she is doing to my now rock hard little penis. She will not put my hard penis in her mouth because she knows that I so much enjoy when she teases me with everything except her mouth and tongue. She finds it so fascinating that she is able to bring my tiny little penis to the edge of ejaculation only then to deny me the pleasure. She understands that what she has been doing to me now has caused me to leak that sticky stuff out of the little opening at the end of my penis. She pretends to be like the Japanese girls that I see on the Internet that love to play with that sticky stuff. She touches the sticky stuff with the end of one of her fingers and watches as she pulls her finger away and the sticky stuff now is a little like a rope between the end of my penis and her finger. She looks at it and laughs and does it again and again. She has so much control over my pleasure that I cannot stand it. She goes on and on giving me pleasure until she looks at the clock on the wall and then makes me breathe faster and harder until I ejaculate in intense fashion. One gush, one moan, another gush and another and then another moan. She is laughing now watching the ejaculate fly in the air and land on my huge belly. She does not stop because she knows that I have more ejaculate to expel. She knows that I often will have five strong spurts and then several empty spurts before my uncontrolled urge to expel my semen subsides. She will then smile at me while she looks at my huge semen covered belly as I inhale and exhale causing that huge fat belly to rise and fall over and over again. She then will grab a towel and wipe off the ejaculate that is all over because I cannot control where it goes. While cleaning the semen off of my huge fat belly, she jokingly tells me that one day she is going to make me taste my own sticky stuff. After making me do that several different times, she is going to make me taste my own ejaculate if I ever want her to make my tiny little penis come again. Oh my gosh, what am I ever going to do?

I love to share some of the photos that I have found to be very enjoyable for me to look at while visiting various sites on the Internet so I am including five more for your pleasure.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Long Time, No See, the reason why and some nice finds

Hi out their, long time no see. I have been very busy the past month working on a large list of home improvement projects that I am doing to my home this summer and fall. Much of my time has been spent taking over the hiring of crews and contractors for various projects that I originally wanted the general contractor to handle. Because his estimates for several segments of the project came back very high, I took the items off the list that he was going to handle and am now sourcing on my own. I did not want to get involved in the screening process and the hiring process, but unreasonable estimates required that I step in. A lot of my time has been spent screening contractors, reviewing bids, hiring contractors and just much more effort than I wanted. I was willing to pay someone to handle the headaches, just not a outrageous amount.

My late night web searches trying to find materials that turns me on and gets me off have been less frequent, but thankfully still happening every now and then. I am so lucky to have several different blogs and Yahoo groups that I monitor that provide me with great material to drool over and links to other sources of the things I am looking for. I find that new avenues present themselves when I check out followers of the blogs that I follow. I will often shortly find myself checking out blogs that are written in a foreign language (to me anyway). I cannot figure out what is written, but the pictures tell a story that makes me want to pull on my penis. I also enjoy checking out followers of the people that I follow on twitter and of course, any sickos who follow me on twitter (you know who you are).

I am still visiting the senior center 4 - 5 days a week to use the workout equipment that is available to try and get some exercise because I still am unable to walk for long distances without having back pain. What I normally do while exercising is wear headphones connected to one of these dinky MP3 players that I bought late last year. I have placed several recordings in the memory of this thing and it works very well for me. I normally just exercise and close my eyes and listen to the music. The senior center does have TVs mounted on the walls and since I often go first thing in the morning to work out, the TV is tuned to news programs when it is on. More often than not, the seniors are watching the FOX news show. I guess that is to be expected because the area is very Conservative (read republican). Well, I am just the opposite, so working out with my eyes closed works for me. Every once in a while another channel will be on when I arrive and I may look at it shortly, but then return to my normal routine. The other day when I visited the senior center workout room, I was lucky to see a very attractive morning news desk/show host. I tell you, this girl has got what makes my jaw drop. She dresses well, has great hair, makeup, nice hands, good looking legs and guess what, just what this dirty old fart needs to get me feeling good. This reporter/host is Robin Meade. From what I can figure out from checking her out on the Internet, see has been around for several years. I don't have cable, never heard of her and never saw her before a couple of days ago. Anyway, I just wanted to pass on the information that a hottie was on the morning news to any hermit/troll who like me is an outcast/loner and is far removed from normal daily happenings. I was unable to find any nude pictures of her on the Internet, but because of the sleazeballs out their, I am sure their are nude pictures somewhere that will make their way onto the Internet for perverts like me.