Monday, November 23, 2009

Bad, Bad Cold

It has been a bad 40 days for me and my main occupation. I came down with a cold. I only get a couple of colds a year, but most times when I do, they seem to last and last. This cold is like most that I get and it does not want to go away. For the last 2 weeks of my current cold I have started to run a fever which was not the case for the first few weeks of this cold. Because of the reduced ability of normal breathing due to this cold, I have stopped going to the senior center to get my daily workout (this is not good for someone as obese as I am). I still had not recovered from my bout with sciatica earlier this year so this works out to be a double whammy. I am normally lazy with a capitol 'L', so it now will be even harder to get back into a routine of getting off of my lazy butt and doing some exercise that may help my heart. Oh, don't forget that the little working out that I did do, did have a positive effect on maintaining my weight and not gaining more. I have gained about 25 pounds this year because of the sciatica and this darn cold after maintaining the 85 pound weight loss that I had back when I was treated for my congestive heart failure.

When I get colds I normally start to feel ill and that was the case this time as well. Because I have been feeling chills and headaches, my fun time with the computer and my penis has been greatly reduced and really not all that fun (surprise to me). I have not gone out much not wanting to spread my cold and also because I have felt so bad lately and as such I have had many opportunities to get on line and produce a few ejaculations into my catch towel. Because of my cold, I have many, many missed opportunities. Several times during my current illness I would get on the Internet and surf looking for things to make me want to stroke my penis and I almost always find what I was looking for, but lately the end result was disappointing. I certainly cannot blame all of the beautiful women who presented for my pleasure. Those curves that God gave them still gets my attention.

While watching the TV shows that I record and watch later are on, I am happy to see that more and more bare female midriffs are being included on the over the air broadcasts. Sex still sells, morals are changing and the broadcast channels need to find a way to get more viewers. I get a happy feeling just thinking about a bare female midriff. Females have so many options to turn males on besides just baring it all. As I was growing up and always shy and overweight, all I ever did with girls was to fantasize about them. Of course except for a few (and I mean very few) times, I never had any physical contact with a female in a sexual way. The female body was a mystery to me and to this day still is. My only aids are the visual aids that horny teenager boys use (magazines, Sears catalogs etc.) when I was younger, then x rated magazines and VHS tapes as a young adult. Now as an old fart, I totally rely on the Internet for my method of desire for enjoying the female body. Exploring the female body with my hands and whatever else is uncharted territory for me. Since I don't see females in person in a state of undress, I can only think what it is really like. On the other hand, I sometimes am lucky to be somewhere where I will have a chance to look at a bare midriff walking by or a good looking female who wears clothing that shows off her curves so I have a fondness for that because I have seen that in person.

I think that my cold may be getting a little bit better. My chills have been less and my fever is starting to go away. The killer for me during this cold has been the coughing that I have been doing. I have been expelling an awful lot of mucus and even when I cannot expel any more, I continue to cough over and over again. This has caused my side to ache because I cough so much and so deeply. My eyes tear up and clear snot comes out of my nose due to the intense coughs. I ended up using a empty Campbell's soup can as a spittoon for my mucus because there was so much (terrible visual, I know), but heck, I have been sick. Many times the mucus was so thick that it was thicker than most of my semen that I get when I masturbate. Most of the time the mucus was just as thick as my semen.

I am going to try and ejaculate after I finish this entry into my blog. I am going to try and see if the build up of semen (I don't have wet dreams) I am now storing will be thicker than normal or thinner than normal. I think I will try and 'choke my chicken' while ejaculating and see if I can shoot for distance into my catch towel.

The statement above makes me want to express a disappointment that I have because I am obese and have a shorter penis than most. I really enjoy watching the CFNM videos that I watch where the guy is jacking off with his penis standing straight out from his body. I sometimes also enjoy watching a group of males in a circle jerk video doing the same thing, although I don't actively search that out. The sight of an erect penis and a flat body has always been a turn on when I think that it could be me if I would lose the weight. The sad truth is, it never could be me. Being obese like I am makes it impossible. My gut is so large that the only way I can masturbate without difficulty is by sitting down or laying down. When I stand, my belly gets in the way making it hard to reach my penis. I can masturbate while standing, it just is not as enjoyable an experience to me.

I would love to learn how I could shoot for distance and show off during a CFNM session. I would love for the females who would be watching me play with myself open their eyes real wide and gasp and place their hands over their mouths when they see my semen shoot out of the end of my penis and land several feet away from my feet making a plopping sound as it hits the bare floor. First one rope of my ejaculate followed by a short delay, then another rope of cum all the while with each additional spurt my whole body contorts in my effort to expel my seed. I would be lost in the mystery of pleasure that males get while ejaculating. While females can never fully understand what it feels like for males and males can never fully understand what orgasm is for women, let me say that I fully enjoy when all of my effort switches to the involuntary control that takes over when ejaculation is ongoing. That is the one best thing that I think I enjoy when I ejaculate. I often have that ability to fully experience my body from head to toe wanting (no, commanding) the semen to leave my ball sac, shoot through my prostrate, go up my penis and shoot out the end of my penis and not wanting to delay any more the pleasure the whole body enjoys.

My session today may or may not be good. I am going to try and have a good masturbation session and ejaculate all over my catch towel. I know it is different already because I have not played with my penis at any time while writing this update, nor have I touched my penis to get it hard at any time in the last couple of days. The last time that I did play with my penis a few days ago, I did not ejaculate so I know that I am overdue to let one fly.

I think that I will check out the blogs that I follow for interesting turn on material and I will check out those people that I follow on Twitter for some additional stimulation before it's 'Bam, Bam, , , Bam, Bam, Bam all over the catch towel making a mess. It might be fun, fun, fun before it's over.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gone, but not forgetting to service my pleasure point.

Sorry for not posting for quite a while. I have been handling a series of home improvement projects that have used a lot of my time. Also, for the last month, I have been suffering with a bad cold and have been home bound for much of the time. While all of this is true, the real reason I have not posted in a while is because I am lazy. I have not wanted to spend the time that is necessary to get my mind charged and willing to share thoughts of mine with this blog. My time on the Internet of late has been to service myself by finding things to masturbate too. That is my mindset anyway.

Because I really don't have anything at this time of a personal nature to share about my love affair with my penis, I thought I would post a short video that I came across a while back. I have not bought the product that this video is about and have no connection with it except, I really should give it a try. My mind has a problem relating to having my foreskin cut off as an infant. I cannot believe that the pleasure I receive while stroking would not be better if my foreskin had not been removed. Circumcision to my way of thinking is criminal and should not be done.

The product (tugger) should restore a missing foreskin. I really think that it would work for me because I am obese and therefore have a lot of extra skin in my genital area. Happy stroking to all.

Well, for some reason I can't post the video. This does not surprise me due to my struggles trying to understand the frigging computer and how it works (I am 58 anyway). I will leave you with the web address and if you are interested, you can check the item out on your own.