Monday, December 21, 2009

How Time Flies

I may not be posting as often as I should lately, but that does not mean that I am not still abusing my penis to the point that it is almost raw. It is just that with all of the other things that I am involved with, I run out of time. Thank goodness that there are others out there who still post often and freely provide me with endless entertainment. Did I say how great it is to be a guy with a penis that he can and does play with. It just feels so good playing with my penis and making it get hard. Really the making it hard part is all because I enjoy looking at the curves of women's bodies that I see on the Internet. I don't have any female friends who I can look at in person and enjoy the curves that they have, so the Internet is important to me.

I am including several finds from the Internet that I find enjoyable to look at and thought maybe you would as well. There is one photo showing seven females and one male walking down a dirt road and I can't help and think that if it was me in the photo in place of the guy, my penis would be so hard that you would be able to see the head poking out from under my massive belly overhang. Watching each and every unclothed female walking down the road with me undressed as well. Oh my it is just to much for the shy inexperienced old fart that I am to endure. I must beat my meat as nature commands of all males. I believe that nature commands that males must release their seed on a regular basis (one way or another). Since I am obese, shy and inexperienced in all areas of intimacy, I must release my seed by masturbation.

To all who see this posting, I sincerely hope that you have a happy holiday and please, please don't stop posting naked pictures and talking about the wonderful curves of the female body. I need an outlet for my seed.