Sunday, January 31, 2010

Try to be short and sweet (for me anyway)

Hi, it has been little while (again) since I last made an entry. Please don't think that I have not cured my addiction to masturbation because I have not and don't see myself stopping any time in the future. I just thought that I wanted to let you know that I have gotten lost in my masturbation fetish again. Most of the time, my masturbation sessions are pretty much tame. I just surf the web, find pictures and video's of women that turn me on. I really like the ones where several women make a guy get naked and then they make him play with himself or they play with him. The guy almost always protests, but I know that if it was me where the guy was, I would thank my lucky stars to be there. It is such a turn on for a shy, obese, lazy, hermit like me to enjoy playing/dreaming it was me in the scene that it almost always ends up with me having a great ejaculation into my catch towel.
Anyway, I said I was lost in my normal path for masturbation enjoyment. Tonight and I do not know why, I wanted to place my expensive and entirely useless G-Spot massager up my behind. Guess what, I have it up my back side right now while I am typing this on the keyboard. I have to kind of sit on the edge of the chair while leaning to one side, but it is in and so far it has not slid out. Oh, and one more thing, it does not seem to be working. I figure since I am now out of my normal range, I will continue to see if it makes any difference (I hope so).
The biggest benefit that I have found by having this thing stuck up my behind is that my ball sack gets to hang without the benefit of having the chair cushion under it to support it. Now that is certainly a plus because it feels good when I play with it while it is unsupported. The major plus That I get while wearing this devise is that I can reach and play with my perineum better. I think and have said this before, that I believe that it is an overlooked part of the male genital area that can be played with and be very enjoyable. The bad thing about using the massager is that it was not designed for a obese guy like me. The arm extender that is designed to rub the perineum area is not long enough to reach that area it is intended to reach. That very well might be why I have never found pleasure in using it.
I can report that I had no trouble getting the massager up my behind because sometimes I have had problems with that. Who knows, before I have ejaculated tonight, I might even discover the joys that the massager can give the user. To all of you penis and clitoris abusers out there in cyberspace, please find a way to enjoy playing with yourselves and leap over the edge when you find that you can no longer resist the urge to lose control and then feel it all over while you are in the zone.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dealing with my premature edging ejaculation

The past year I have not been able to masturbate as often as I would have liked to. Problems with my health kind of took over but I am on the mend and I am trying to get back into the grove. I am now enjoying my chronic masturbation sessions several times each week. One of the things that I am going to be doing in the upcoming months is to modify my masturbation sessions. I have grown into a edger ever since I was retired and was required to buy a confuser to collect unemployment while searching for a new job. I never did get that next job, and found myself drifting into retirement many years sooner than I had planned on. So far, it has been a blessing (knock on wood).

The problem that I discovered before I became incapacitated last year was that I sometimes would ejaculate sooner than I wanted while edging. The problem for me was that I would try without success to stop or delay the ejaculation. This had the effect of reducing the pleasure that I got while letting go of my seed into my catch towel. Trying to hold back reduced the pleasure I got. When I was somewhat successful in holding off, often there would be leakage and I would be spreading my come up and down my penis shaft (a sticky mess). Later when I would take myself over the edge, often the pleasure was reduced.

I think that I am going to try and train myself to reduce the amount of time that I spend playing with myself. I often find my self edging for 6/8 hours a night. Sadly, several of those sessions were interrupted by premature edging ejaculation.

I am going to try and reduce the quantity of my sessions in the coming months and try to increase the intensity of the ejaculations that I do experience. Wish me luck.

Please enjoy the new photographs that I am including with this update and I am going to try and reduce the number of repeats that I have been guilty of this past year. I find these 3 new photos to contain women who just get my juices flowing if you can understand what I am talking about. It's great being a guy with a penis he can play with to honor all of the women and the curves that they are willing to share on the Internet.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Just Saying

OK, now it is time for this chronic masturbater to get up on his soapbox and render his opinion. A certain amount of time has passed and the subject is no longer taking up space every night on the news so I think it is my time to stir the pot, so to speak. It's about Tiger Woods and his marriage problem.

Now you have got to understand that my opinion carries an awful lot of weight. Let's see, I am 58 years old, I have never been married, I have never had a girlfriend, I have never been in a close personal live in or otherwise relationship, I am a chronic masturbater who loves to look at pictures of naked women and then abuse my penis by stroking it and I basically am very shy. That just about covers my qualifications to speak on Mr. Woods problems.

From the pictures I have seen of Mr. Woods wife, she appears to be what I would call a catch, a hottie, one fine piece of ass, in other words a women with no visible flaws. Many people have said that Mr. Woods is a fool to mess around with other women while married to a women like that. I say, don't condemn Mr. Woods just yet. He is a guy and guys do dumb things even if they don't want too.

I have said it before, guys are hard wired to seek out ways to get relief from the cauldron of seed we carry between are legs. This seed must be released in one fashion or the other. Obese, fat, lazy, shy, smelly, stinky, uneducated guys like me masturbate while successful guys like Mr. Woods has great looking females ready and waiting to offer what they can to help him spew his seed all over the country.

And that is my point. All men seek a way to release our seed. I suspect that Ms. Woods was not attending to Mr. Woods needs when it came to releasing his seed. Being in the position that Mr. Woods is in, one has to believe that just about anywhere he goes, the opportunity is there for some female to offer to help him release his seed.

The bad thing about marriage is that most people expect a guy to ask his wife and only his wife to help him with his needs. Well, that sounds good except how many married women use mans need to release his seed as a weapon to use against him. Come on, lets be real for a minute. women know that they can use mans penis to control a man and get out of a man what she is after. They don't have a penis, therefore they don't suffer with the need to get relief. They have other basic priorities. I am not saying that there is anything wrong in that. I believe that women are hard wired to make sure that her children and herself need to be taken care of in ways other than sexual. That is why I have always contended that females were the stronger sex and only hid behind the fact that they were considered the weaker sex. Males were born with a fatal flaw and women were not.

Women's priorities are quite valid and I for one will never deny that these priorities make for a better world than man can make of it without serving those priorities that women want. The problem is that women think as many, many men think - they can have it all. Well that may be the case a lot of the time, but nature has a way of changing a little bit by a little bit all of the time. One thing about nature,it never stays the same all of the time. The pattern may stay the same but there are changes.

When I watch the TV shows where they study animals in the wild, this pattern is repeated over and over again. Once the females have offspring, the males needs fall far lower on the scale of things that need to be taken care of. And then over and over again, you see the males going around trying to find a way to release that cauldron of seed between their legs. The only difference that I can see is that we guys have a better time finding ways to share our seed.

Well, I think I probably have said to much already. I can't help myself. I am a dirty old man who is fat, obese, lazy, smelly, with stinky feet, dirty underwear wearing chronic masturbater who has his eyes roll over to the back of his head while he is abusing his penis making it spew his seed all over his fingers while squeezing the living daylights out of his penis while looking at females wonderful curves. Oh my, it can be so much fun making me cum.