Sunday, March 28, 2010

My excuse, I'm fat and lazy.

It has been getting hard for me to start and complete tasks that in my mind I want (and should) do. My house is starting to get filled with projects that I may have started or am thinking about starting in the near future. When one has the ability to let ones mind wander endlessly like my mind allows me to do, ideas just seem to pop up into my head that I should work on doing. One of my tasks has been to get out and walk. I can no longer use the excuse that my back has been giving me troubles like it had last year (sciatica). The fact of the matter is that I am just lazy and when you are lazy like I am, being fat just seems to go hand in hand. I am still going to the mall to do my walking early in the morning before the stores open, but I have not been able to get back up to the distance that I walked before my back problems started last year. This is not good for someone like me who is obese. I really need to walk because my heart is not in the best of shape because I have been obese for almost 50 years.

The fact that I am lazy means, I don't update this blog of mine nearly as often as I should. I have in the past few months been far to lazy to justify anyone continuing to read this blog. The fact that anyone actually does (or did at one time) is incredible to me.

The sad truth is that one of my enjoyments in life (playing with my penis) has suffered as well. I will often just sit up and watch all of the TV shows that I have recorded for watching later and then doze off in the chair before waking up and deciding to just go to bed. In my earlier days, I would follow almost the same routine except on the way to bed, I would pass the computer, stop, turn it on, get my second wind and then search out things on the internet that would cause me to spend the rest of the night playing with my penis. Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that I was born with a penis? Well, I am glad. Having my penis to play with and get so much pleasure from is something that only guys can appreicieate. Anyway, I would often (several times a week), end up pulling (ha-ha) a all nighter, edging and then blowing my load about just before the sun rises and the birds start chirping. I don't do that nearly enough anymore.

I want all of the people who maintain the blogs that I look at for my stroking pleasure to know how much I need to thank you for not being as lazy as I am. And to all of you edgers out there, how do you do it day in and day out?

Starting tonight, I am going to try and make an effort to record more of my experiences. So now I will begin my journey into the internet to find jacking off material, but not before as always, just a couple of photos that I found during my voyages on the internet to find the pleasure that makes my small penis grow just by looking at them without touching.