Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running out of excuses

It has been a while again since I have made a posting to this blog. The sad truth is that I am slowly turning my efforts elsewhere and no longer having the desire to put my thoughts down for public consumption. I guess that like most things in life, when something is new, you cannot leave it alone. For me, starting a blog was new and now at least for me, it is getting old. That certainly is not fair for those who sometimes check out this blog, but the truth is the truth.

My play time sessions with my penis have also decreased over time. One reason that I am not ejaculating as much is twofold. The first reason is that I really like to masturbate as an edger and that takes time. My normal routine when I masturbate is to turn on the confuser after watching TV all evening, get necessary stuff done and check things out that are on my lists of things to do, then start to surf the net for things that make my penis stiff. Well before I know it, I have been abusing my penis for several hours. It is so much fun that I then will continue for hours more and before I know it, I find that I have been up all night. This makes it hard for me to get back on a normal schedule, so I sometimes pass on having a wanking session. So Sad. The second reason I have not been playing with my pee pee as much is that I still am suffering from my inability to stop a 'pre-come' problem that greatly reduces the intense pleasure that I get when my ejaculate is racing up from my ball sack through my penis when it is leaving my body when I am cumming. I think the 'pre-come' problem I am having is simply because my edging sessions are going on to long. The 'pre-come' does not bring me pleasure, just a sticky mess to the palm of my hand. When I do go over the edge later in my play time session with my penis something is missing. So sad, again.

I am tring to get into a routine where when I do want to explode after stroking for hours it is worth it. All of the wonderful images of women that make me play with my penis deserve no less. After all, I believe that my semen escaping my body is a tribute to the female and all she stands for. How about that, no sooner than I type that out, my penis gets hard and I am grabing it with my hand and yanking away. Gosh, it's great to be a guy with a responsive penis. Females, you just don't know what you are missing.

I need to find a way to recapture how my ball sack responded a couple of times while masturbating many years ago. I don't know if there is a name for it or even if it is common, I only know that it has been years since I experienced it. What happened was that my scrotum shriveled up and tightly surrounded my two balls. The scrotum actually got stiff and hard. Over the years every once in a while I am watching porn, the male actors balls and ball sack kind of shrivel up where you no longer see his scrotum and his balls have alined themselves tightly next to his penis shaft or even slightly above his penis shaft while he is screwing. I wonder if that is what happened to me a couple of times, many years ago. I like girls, not boys, but I often am turned on when I see that happening to the guys balls and scrotum. Ha-Ha, I just might enjoy boys a little bit even if I say girls do it for me.

I guess when it comes to having fun in a sexual way, even a straight guy like me can see the pleasure guys get playing with other guys. When I think about my shyness and my few encounters with females in a sexual way, it might just be easier to try and find some guy to enjoy sexual pleasure with. Well, maybe later, I am nowhere near that yet, but what do you know, I have another stiffy.

This was fun. Maybe I might want to put more thoughts down on this blog because when I do, I find that I get hard, go soft and get hard again. And is that not my reason for doing this blog anyway. I do this do get my engine running so that I can play and abuse my penis and make it shoot my semen into my catch towel. Well, it's time to start rubbing the underside of my penis in the sensitive area and dream that I am doing this in front of a masturbating female who playing with herself for my enjoyment. I wonder if there are any females out there who enjoy safe sex like that. Oh boy, would that not be great for a shy, obese dirty old fart like me to meet up with. Now, if could only find a way to solve my shyness problem.