Saturday, June 5, 2010


This evening as I was switching through the TV channels looking for something to watch, I caught a show on Canadian TV that was commenting about coming of age movies. They talked a lot about 'The Last Picture Show' and the subject matter and the sexual nature of the film. I think I am going to try and find a unedited version so that I can see if my penis gets hard watching it. Then they were talking about the male bonding foreign film 'Y Tu Mama Tamblien' and about some of the sexy scenes in it. Being the pervert that I am, I very much enjoyed some of the female comments about the movie and how it shows young males, well, being young males. I have seen this movie several times because I have a copy and I rather enjoy it. My penis would start to feel good while listening to the female reviewers comments about the movie because it shows scenes where the boys are masturbating to ejaculation and they are parading around naked while in the presence of a female. My warped mind always enjoys the concept of females viewing naked males where their genitals are shown on the screen . Add to that the female reviewers comments and oh boy, I am having a good time.

So naturally, I find myself turning on the confuser and start to search out some mainstream movie house releases. I found a number that I think I am going to see if I can track down and give them a look see. I much prefer getting turned on by 'softer' movies than the 'hard core' movies. Movies that don't look staged always get my attention versus the other kind. I like natural boobs versus fake ones and I like hairy females down below the belt line versus bare.

So when I got here tonight I was already primed and ready to go after playing with myself while watching the TV show. It feels good tonight for some reason. I enjoy the tingle feeling that my body is experiencing tonight and I very much look forward to spilling my seed all over my catch towel. Anytime that I spill my seed, I like to think that I am honoring all females when I explode. It's great to be a guy who can honor females like that. Now if I could only find a female who would enjoy seeing this obese old fart doing that in person......Oh my.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Even though I am a obese dirty old man who is to darn shy to try and meet a female who would be willing to share in obsession of playing with my penis, I can't deny how much fun it would be actually do it rather than fantasize about it. Of course we would have to start out slow leading up to an actual session. Until I find myself in that position, I get to use the Internet to satisfy my need for visual aids that will cause my penis to engorge itself (I really can't stop it from happening and don't think I would if I could). Once I start to feel my penis getting hard, it is not long before I begin playing with it.

Sometimes I find my penis sending signals to my brain when I see something elsewhere as well. I cannot tell you the number of times that seeing something on TV will stir my feelings up. I mean, how many times on everyday TV shows that are rated 'G' for everyone to watch, do you get to see a female showing cleavage. How many times do you see a females skirt raising up to her thigh while sitting on 'G' rated shows. I call those 'freebies'. And just about every TV show in prime time has females wearing revealing outfits with perfect hair and makeup. 'Freebies'.

I love it when I do venture out in the real world to get items that I need (food, supplies etc.) and come into visual contact of females who I would never have the nerve to speak to, but find to be pleasing to my eye. Often times I enjoy looking at how they have chosen a pleasing outfit to wear. 'Freebie'. Or they have found a way to style their hair that I enjoy looking at. 'Freebie'. Rarely do I ever see a female of such natural beauty that she can venture out without any makeup on at all. When I do, it is a rare treat. 'Freebie'. Most women that I enjoy looking at have found a way to use makeup that does not overpower their face yet highlight her natural features. Too much mascara has always been a turn off for me.

I truly believe that females put a lot of effort into how she presents herself (clothing, makeup, hair style etc.), that she is subconsciously seeking some reaction from men who see her. I cannot believe they spend as much time preparing as they do when going out if they knew that men would not react as they often do. I don't think most guys give much thought as to how they look when they travel to the store etc. Yes, women know what they are doing. They know that most men cannot resist getting pleasure from looking at them. They know. They know that when they parade around in an outfit with great hair and makeup men's penises often will begin to stir. We can't help it and they love it. They love the control they have over men's genitals.

And because females are always presenting themselves to men to get a reaction, I truly enjoy the freebies that I see while out and about. That quick look that catches a female when she is showing her cleavage while bent over. The rare occasion when you can see a bare breast (yes, even I a shy old pervert like me has had the pleasure) is icing on the cake. I love it when I get a down blouse view of a female who is bent over far enough that her blouse hangs down exposing the entire cup of her bra and even her midriff. You have to understand, seeing bras is something that I don't experience very often let alone bras that are actually being worn at the time that I see them. I get to visually in my mind think about women's breasts when I observe 'freebies'. I get great pleasure when a female is bent so far over that not only her blouse is hanging low, but her bra is hanging low as well. When I get a 'freebie' like that, I get to see how each breast is free to giggle and sway back and forth while not being held in place by the bra. Oh boy, I do like those 'freebies'. My sad little penis almost always begins to stir when I get a good 'Freebie'.

I also love it when I am able to see belly buttons and bare midriffs. A big turn on for me is when I happen to be behind a female and she has her pants so low that I can see a part of her panties (you know, the thin straps). They are all 'freebies' that turn on this obese old fart that I am. And I almost cannot stand it when I am lucky to see a female who has great legs and is showing them off for perverts like me. 'Freebie'.

Yes, it is great to be a guy with such a responsive penis. Sure I wish my penis was longer. Sure I wish it was bigger. I have what I have so I have learned to enjoy it. Lucky me. I really don't need to use the Internet to get me going. Watch enough TV and go to the stores and 'freebies' are everywhere for shy obese old farts like me. I tell myself that I went on the Internet tonight to clean out my email mailbox, but I guess that is not true because the box is still almost full and all I want to do is find things on the Internet that will cause me to play with myself and make me show how much I do enjoy looking at women's curves by ejaculating. Playing with ones penis is fun while enjoying the female form. Hey, whatever floats your boat.