Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4 Good Size Spurts

Oh my was today's 7 hour session fun. Due to a unknown lack of interest, I have not masturbated in several days. Oh sure, I would wake up with a woody and give it a tug now and then, but nothing to have a happy ending. I enjoyed the happy ending and the journey to get there today. I guess I was experiencing 'blue balls'.

Thank goodness I am able to search fellow masturbaters blogs for discoveries that they have made. New and interesting is always my goal and today's trip was full of it. I must have ventured through 7 or 8 different sites and found plenty of opportunities to make myself hard.

At about 5 and a half hours in I suffered a undesired premature leak of my fluid but was able to recover and not miss a beat. Thank goodness my catch towel was handy. I was able to wipe down and dry my hand. If after having a leak like today's I don't dry off, my stroking gets very 'squishy'. I almost always want to dry off because if I don't, I will tip over the edge and miss out on a more intense ejaculation.

Early on this morning, I found three photos that I found interesting on the 'Markcumforyou' blog and I am posting them. A nice blog for a masturbater like me to browse through while playing with myself.

I really enjoy when I am able to spurt with enough force while coming on my catch towel that I am able to watch the spurts (ropes) hitting the catch towel and not just dribble down my fingers into my catch towel. Please understand that I am very obese with a small penis and a huge belly that hides my ejaculation from my view. I can feel it, but not see it. Well today I spurted about 6 times and was able to see 4 of them. They were of good size as well.

It's great to know that someone like me can still have large amounts of semen if I deny myself from ejaculating for several days. I just checked my catch towel and counted 7 puddles down in the lower portion in addition to the spurts that hit my catch towel up above. Fun time for thesolitudeone. It's great to have a penis to play with to honor women and there curves.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Wow, am I feeling good. I am gently, rubbing my hands over the top of the keyboard. What a incredible feeling. That must bode well for my next burping session (to take place when I get done here, which won't be long). If I am able to sense the feeling of my hand on a keyboard, how great will the feelings be when I wrap my left hand around my penis.

Just to make clear, I am not talking about the feelings that my penis will be sending to my brain. No, what I mean is that I don't think I ever have really consciously thought about the feeling that my hand is sending to my brain. I have always been a penis rules kind of guy when it comes to whacking off. Wow, if it works and I find another avenue to get me to dispel my seed (and having fun doing it), I believe that I grew up a little more tonight.

What I am trying to say is I'm a 59 year old guy who really missed the boat while growing up, so I need to learn a lot to see all the good that life brings us. It's a small step (like my penis is small, you understand what I mean) when "I" can learn something new. I have got a long way to go to catch up to the feelings I am missing out on.

The experiences in life have taught me that there's really no shame in making ones penis his best friend. I mean if you are to shy, to obese and to lazy to really care if you make friends, what else is there? My penis is not going anywhere, he's with me 24/7. If there's no shame, how come I feel ashamed? I am going to have to work on that, just not now.

I just stretched my upper back, neck and arms. What an incredible feeling. Oh ya. I just got done talking feelings in my hands. You get the idea, been here, done that. Time to begin to play with myself.

To be continued

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Enjoying Life

Have you ever in your life woke up and discover that you have a ragging hard on. Well, I am having a good time experiencing the feelings I am having this evening after waking up stiff as a baseball bat. I bet you know a bit about the feelings that I get (and I assume you as well). Isn't it a good focusing exercise to kind of bring yourself down to virtually thinking about one thing.

I don't think women can ever fully understand how how much enjoyment males get from preparing to lose our seed. My mind switches from waking up with a hard on to wanting to enjoy the feeling that I get while thrusting my pelvis upward after throwing off my blanket and sheet while laying in bed dressed only in my boxers. It and every movement that I make is having an effect upon how much more intense the feelings are that I am processing. I want to grab hold of my pocket hairbrush sized penis and begin to play with it in ernest, but I stop thinking about touching my penis with my hands. My mind is telling me to wait just a little bit longer.

I follow the advise that my brain is telling me. I then begin to focus onto the thing that is what makes this effort all the more pleasurable. You know, females and what ever it is that they do to make me want to expel the growing hot cauldron that is forming down in my genital area. The well kept hair, the incredible face with those eyes, ears, nose, lips and the soft feel of a women's skin. The unbelievable sheer joy of getting to experience viewing a women who is willing to share the beauty that she has to give. Oh my gosh, just think about those curves. What possesses me to find so much enjoyment in playing with myself to honor the female.

I have just felt the dampness collecting in my boxers near the tip of my penis. The great feeling that I get when my penis begins to settle down in preparation for the coming journey to deliver my seed in honor of the female form. My penis goes from stiff to the small thing that it normally is. Withdrawn and being protected by my tremendous masses of skin that cover vast amounts of fat. As my penis shrinks I get to enjoy the feeling of the moist sticky pre-cum that has added lubrication to increase my feelings. The slow retraction and the dragging feeling that the head of my penis is experiencing is intense. My penis head has a coating of gooey pre-cum.

As I start to rub my hands all over my huge obese body trying to realise that I must try and lose all of this excess that is me. I now must muster all that is me. I am redirected into finding a reason to strip off all of my clothes and parade through my house with the lights on and the windows having no shades or curtain knowing full well that if someone were to be outside looking in they would see a sight they would not soon forget.

It's time to begin the journey. It's time to drool. It's time to go crazy. Mighty females of the world, I kneel before you and kiss your feet. Thank you for providing the fuel to power my ejaculation.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

READ PREVIOUS POST FIRST, this is a later addition.

I just had to take another piss. It's like that when you are taking urine shedding pills because you need to help your heart move fluids. Anyway, when you take that piss listen to the sound that the piss makes when it hits the bowl. Who would ever think that that would be cool? Well it is when you and your old friend had another get together tonight out on the terrace. I haven't tried to start and stop my piss in an effort to perform a melody (three blind mice for example), but maybe some other time.

Such a cool thing.

This may sound weird, but it's really not. I just took a piss. I mean I really took a incredible piss. Because I am obese, I no longer can piss standing up (I will explain later). Anyway, i am sitting on the (you know) with my big ball sack hanging down between my legs. It's cool when 'I' do that. I mean I can giggle my balls when they are not married to my legs. My balls are swinging and I made them do that. This is damn fun for an obese masturbator. I don't know if that is enough on its own to get me to ejaculate (I have not tried yet) but anyway what I meant to say was my small penis began to signal me that it is time to prepare to piss. I felt the urine begin to have it's fun (what else is urine good for anyway), so why not have fun tickling all of the body parts that the piss passes, on it's way out of my body. I felt that piss moving up and out. Wow, that feels good. During that time I felt my small penis extend out ever so much. Up until then it has been safely tucked away. It's like when I am under my blanket while in bed that keeps me warm on these wonderful cool nights here in Michigan (like tonight). That feeling was one hot move. I experienced the moist feeling of my penis pulling away from my scrotum. Cool Ha? My penis disappears within the folds of my big scrotum except when I piss or get hard. So I tune in to all of the sensations that my genital area is doing. I could feel my penis working with my ball sack, trying to get the piss to slow down. Often times after many days in a row of masturbating each and every day, my penis does not have good aim. When you are obese, your penis shrinks a bit after being driven hard and when that happens I am in danger of pissing over the bowl and below the seat. I have often wet my pants so to speak. The piss splashes outside and drops on my boxers and pants. Well, I am fat and lazy and I don't want to have too clean up after myself with paper towels and sanitizer when I also piss on the floor. So anyway the feeling I got with my penis, scrotum and whatever else that is trying to control the speed of the piss, I really feel it. Start and stop, maybe a little more next time, oh better stop again. The controlling of my piss is really fun, but I don't think it is enough to get me to ejaculate though.

As fun as all that was (you should try it), I think tonight, I am going to do it the old fashioned way. I am going to masturbate and when I masturbate I will enjoy the feelings that I get when I play with myself. I am starting to get the feeling down there that something is stirring the pot already. I am going need to find some wonderful curves to lead me down that road of never ending pleasure. The curves will guide me. The curves will take me driving out in the country (Tuscola and Sanilac) where I feel free and think to myself, It's great living for however long I am given in southeast Michigan. It's great to be an American (we are so blessed).

It's just incredible that a obese slob like myself can find so much right about getting to know yourself. I mean I am retired, have never been in love with anyone else but myself and can still say without a doubt that it's great to be a guy with a penis. Girls, you don't know what you're missing. I have an idea, why don't you just contact that hermit person in your life. The one who is obese, keeps to himself to the extreme and you don't really know. Just someone that you normally look down upon. Go ahead and tell him that you want to see him masturbate for you. Then watch the beautiful symmetry between his body and soul. See how the penis reacts. As it starts to grow see how intense my pleasure gets at times. Yes, I am having a real good time. Life can be fun if you want it to be.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When will hunt ever end?

I am always amazed when I go out hunting for that elusive next beauty and then after making the catch, finding the need to find another again and again. Gosh, the women I am lucky to have caught sure know how to make my penis get moist. Those curves, those eyes those lips. Who was that guy who said that females were the weaker sex. Not on my baseball score card!

Friday, September 3, 2010