Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shes back

When I went to the fitness room at the senior center today I was given a treat. This has happened 3 or 4 times to me recently. I guess I am picking a good time to exercise. You see, I get to enjoy watching a female run round and round on the track while I am exercising. The indoor track is on the outside edges of the room and the exercise equipment is inside of the track.

My dirty old pervert eye of mine has watched with pleasure this same woman running each time she passes by. Not that I don't people watch all of the females that walk by, it's just this ones special. You see, shes about my age and get this. Her face is pretty, she maintains her body well and she always wears body hugging attire. When I see her face I think of a 55 - 60 year old Jennifer Aniston. She has the same kind of different nose that Ms. Aniston does.

The body hugging sweat pants that she wears is not tight enough that I would be able to see an outline of panties underneath, but just tight enough to make it real interesting for this old hermit. She wears two shirts, one a "tee" type white shirt and on top of that a grey "muscle" shirt. They are both form hugging. I see no lose fabric while she runs. Her nicely sized breasts must be confined by a sports bra because there is not a lot of vertical movement that I can detect while she is running (although there is always a bit of movement - don't you know, he-he). I would think that with the size of her breasts in my eyes way of thinking, they should bounce a bit more, but they don't. It's great being able to think like this (being a closet pervert, that is).

Not many people male or female run/trot much on this track (it is a senior center anyway). Most people who use the track will walk, which she also does after completing her set distance. It's then that I get my best look at her as she walks by. I try not to be overt when she runs or walks although I think I would be justified in doing so. I am a dirty, obese, shy, smelly, hermit, masturbator anyway. I find that she does not take peeks to see if she is attracting an audience (an audience of one anyway). So many females strut there stuff trying to get attention and get pleasure seeing that they are getting results. This lady does not show any of that.

So short of exercising at the malls before the stores open where I people watch (females mostly), this is the next best thing. I can't say that I get hard while watching this lovely female because I am trying to workout my muscles and not my penis (which I do enough of already on my own).

I need to study the layout of the exercise room to try and get a better view of this wonderful creature while I exercise. While I was moving from one exercise machine to another it turned out that I was walking right at her. She was now done cooling down from her run and was on the floor doing some stretching exercises. I tell you I enjoyed watching. I was missing out on another golden opportunity to enjoy eye candy.

As I said before, she looks to be about my age. She probably weights in the 130# to 145# range. She is wearing a wedding ring and one day I did overhear her while she was talking to another senior. She was talking about her daughters experiences while being a freshmen and being housed at the West Quad.

She has breasts that would be nice to feel up and squeeze over and over. Her waist does not seem to have any excess fat or fat rollover. This female does take care of herself. Oh and her hips have a real nice shape to them. Not too slim and not to large. Oh let me tell you what a joy it is watching her behind. I mean with each step that she takes, it's like watching a well oiled machine. Just the right amount of jiggle to make me want more.

When I got home today from the senior center I decided to lay down and listen to some music. Let me tell you, this lovely vision would not leave my mind. I have not yet begun to abuse my penis today but when I do, I am sure that my memory of her will not be far away in my mind.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Something I would like to get good at.

So I get home from working out at the senior center, I turn on my Internet radio tuner and lay down on the bed while just in my boxers and start to enjoy listening to the music. One of my greatest joys is listening to music and doing it while in bed offers many options. I like to get into stretching, yawning and moving my (obese) body in a way that feels good while doing it. I have one of those memory foam mattresses and it is great even for someone of my massive size. I recommend the foam mattress as long as you order one with extra density like I did.

I seem to be getting off track again. While feeling good my penis gets hard for no particular reason (it's got a mind of it's own anyway). That naturally gets me to thinking about how much I enjoy thinking about females and the curves and other body parts that I really enjoy thinking about while masturbating.

While not touching my hard penis, my mind starts to think about female lips (not the ones on faces, the other ones). I begin to think that I would really enjoy being able to nibble on some female lips. I have only done that one time in my 59 year old life and looking back on it, I really don't remember much about it. It was not memorable because it was during a time in my life when I would roam the streets in the seedier parts of town while engaging street walkers for sex. I can't recommend it in this day and age. It's just to dangerous.

Can you imagine sucking on some street walkers lips late at night just before dawn. I did not think about it until later, but the slurping I was doing most likely included debris from her other encounters she had before mine that night. Oh my! I can't even get the nerve up to taste my own cum let alone anyone else's. I might have done it that night but I will never know.

I am getting off point again. So anyway while lying in bed my mind starts to think about how I would be able to perform if I ever was lucky to find a female who would be willing to have intimate relations with a fat old shy hermit like me. I know that my penis is average in size at best. I know that when I stand in front of a mirror while naked waiting for the hot water to make it to the shower, I can't see my penis because my huge belly and layers of fat below it keep it hidden from view even while hard. So impressing a female with my penis is out of the question. And I also have to consider that the fact that I would not be able to prolong being intimate with a female if she were she to play with my penis. I think I would pop the cork fairly quickly.

So I think to myself that I could make my points with a female by performing oral sex on her. I would gently feel and touch all around her genitals area in an attempt to make her feel good. I would gently bring my face up real close and examine the different areas of a females genital area. My warm breath on her lips would cause her to squirm. Frequently I would reach up with my hands and get a good feel of her breasts. By then my mind would be racing. I return to the genital area and make soft gentle strokes with my hands. Then I would gently stick my tongue out and ever so gently begin to lightly touch her genitals. Slowly I would begin to explore the entire region. All of the peaks and valleys would be touched but never spreading those gorgeous lips. It would be far to soon for that. I would raise up and gently stroke her soft smooth hair while gently giving her kissing on her neck, shoulders and face.

I would approach my desire to take her over the edge slowly. There is no need to rush things when it comes to pleasing a female (at least I think). From what I have been able to gather it takes a lot to get a female to have an orgasm and I would like to think that I just might be able to make a female feel real good.

I would like to be known for being able to please a female even if I am obese and have a average penis. I would like to think that she would not miss having a hard penis sliding in and out of her vagina. My hands and tongue would be all that she needed or wanted.

Yeah, I would like to think that I would be able to do something like that. I do like to dream. I like to pretend that it is me who I am watching on the computer screen during most of my edging sessions. I like to think that I am the one who is enjoying having sex with a female. It is me who is giving her the pleasure she deserves. I say deserves because I truly believe that females were placed on this earth to give males a reason to be. I like to feel it is my duty to present my seed when ever a female makes my penis get hard and starts to dribble a little bit of pre cum. Oh, the power those curves have over me.

Well now is the time for me to fulfill my duty. I need to say good night to you. I need to disrobe and begin my journey into fantasy land where I am all that a female needs or wants. I am here to pleasure her. Oh my, it's going to be fun tonight.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Will you look at that. This is one cool photo. I can relate with this fellow having a small penis also. I have never had the fun this guy is experiencing. If I did, I don't think my penis would be flaccid. And don't you just love the tee shirt?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A fun new experience

I don't know why I never bothered watching cooking shows on TV before. I think I am going to start watching some more. I have caught a couple on the public TV station (Create) and I found one on CBC.

Anyway, if you are like me and watch cooking shows that feature female cooks, you will be rewarded. What's not to like. I love food to excess and I adore females. To me some of these cooks really get into what they are doing and really describe the how's and whys in a way that is very interesting.

To my eyes, female cooks who really get into cooking are a massive turn on. There is no way I could ever come close to doing what they do. Whats real interesting is that each cook has her own way of making me feel good about being a male. A male who appreciates how the female have so many ways of turning me on. What a gift even though I don't know how to play with it.

Because I don't dare try to go out and play, I have to provide my own enjoyment. I think I am going to get into providing my own enjoyment this evening. I haven't beat one off in a few days and I really have no excuse why not to do it. I mean, whats my penis good for anyway? It's there to give pleasure. Fun, fun, fun. Gosh, I'm glad I was born a male.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nasty and painful

I went to the senior center yesterday to get some exercise at the fitness center. Everything went well until after I was done and went to get into my car to head home. My sweats are somewhat baggy because I am obese and I wear a size 5x. The problem with that is that my scrotum is not confined well when wearing the baggy sweats over my boxers. As I have mentioned before, my scrotum makes up for what I am lacking in the penis department. My balls like to jiggle and bounce when they hang low which is most of the time.

Because I am obese I must kind of bend in a way while getting into the car that allows me to clear the steering wheel, seat and the door opening/roof line. Well this maneuver causes my scrotum to hang low while sliding onto the seat. I must have approached the seat in a lower position than I had intended and while sliding across the seat my left nut got caught (or pinched) onto the edge of the seat. When my left leg pushed my body onto the seat squishing my left nut, the pain was severe.

I must have sat still in agony for several minutes hopping the pain would subside. Ouch!

I think I need to conduct a series of tests to see if everything is in order (if you know what I mean). Thank goodness the government has not stepped in and decided that chronic masturbators like me should be denied the fun of viewing on the Internet the incredible female form. It's the only outlet for obese, lazy, retired hermits like me to expel my seed.