Monday, December 13, 2010

15 degrees outside

I woke up today with a 6" snowfall with 2' icicle's outside. I am being graced by having a bright sun shining morning with a pale blue sky and limited clouds. What clouds are there, are not seen for long through my window with the brisk wind outside. The bushes and trees have a layer of snow on them weighing them down.

Went out to the front porch to smoke a bowl and almost froze. I had to put my gloves on in between taking hits from my bong. It is that cold outside. I plan on abusing my penis shortly. It's a wonderful day.

I had a chuckle to myself thinking about how difficult it would be for me to masturbate this morning while sitting on the swing out on the front porch. I would wear my self out taking off and putting on my gloves while beating off. Just to clarify. I would never do that during the daylight hours. I have no desire to be arrested. When the time is right (nighttime), sometime in the future I may give masturbating while wearing gloves a try. Who knows, it just might be fun to feel doing it. Speaking of fun and feeling it, I am on the upward slope of my high and I can already feel the rumblings of a woody trying to escape the shroud that is me that traps my penis between my body and the chair while sitting on my crusty catch towel.

It's that great feeling that I get when I can direct all of my energies towards imitating the feeling that I get while expelling my seed. The only difference is that I know that I have not reached anywhere close to the level of intensity that is required for me to ejaculate. In a sense, it is like a false positive. Everything is lined up and ready to go except that there is not enough fuel (curves) in the tank for liftoff. I guess that is what is meant when something is referred to as a dry run. Yea, that sounds like it, a dry run. I have enjoyed two so far and it's only been about a half hour. I think now is the time to devote some time to increasing the episodes of pleasure that my penis is experiencing. Oh, here comes another. Not long lasting but nice. Oh look (I can't see it), but it feels like my penis is pushing it's way free. I am enjoying feeling the loops of cotton that make up my catch towel is providing while my penis stiffens. Fun, fun, fun.

My penis is free and hard now. I still have not touched it, but it is sending signals back to my body that I need to start thrusting my penis in an attempt to insert my penis in a female. Fat chance of that ever happening. My body is trying to collect itself by starting to shiver. Trying to organize the patterns of breathing in and out where I am able to discern the pleasure that my penis is capable of giving me. I can't keep my hands away much longer. Maybe I should put on my gloves before proceeding. Na, I am having to much fun just like it is.

Just think of those hips, those waists, those breasts, those legs, the hair, the face, the eyes. It's enough to make a chronic masturbater want to masturbate one more time.

Did I ever tell you that I am a dirty, filthy old man. Well in this sense it is true. I have not showered in a few days and to put it mildly, I smell and not in a good way. But as long as I am what I am, I might as well use it to my advantage. Not ever experiencing the smells of sex with another person, the stinky smells of me will have to do. It's the kind of smell that you know is bad, but you take a sniff anyway. The nice thing about this smell is that the more moisture that comes from my penis, the more that the smell starts to smell good.

Oh ya, I have started to thrust with a soft moist penis. Trying to slow start my woody still without touching. Touching begins shortly. Time to search out curves.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I like to imagine that while I am naked and jerking off in front of a female she cups her hand under the head of my penis and then instructs me to cum in her hand. After I have finished dribbling the last of my sticky goo she takes the fingers of her other hand and dips her fingers in the goo then commands that I open my mouth. I plead with her not to make me taste my own cum, but she refuses my feeble request. She than deposits my cum on my tongue, tells me to lick my cum off of her fingers and tells me to taste it. Then she commands me to swallow. Never having done this before, tears well up in my eyes while I realize what I have done. Then she continues placing more gooey finger tips in my mouth making me swallow again and again. She takes some cum to her tongue and tells me to lick it off her tongue which I do. Then she licks my face. Then she makes me lick the remaining cum out of her other hand. While I am licking, she rubs her hand all over my face leaving my goo on my mouth, nose and cheeks. After I have licked her hand clean, she notices that I have not gotten all of my goo from in between her fingers. She then runs her fingers through my hair in an attempt to rid her hand of my semen. When she is done, she taps me on the head and says to me 'good little boy, now was that so bad?' while gently playing with my penis and scrotum with her other hand. She tells me that the next time I will be better and she starts jerking my penis to get me to ejaculate again for her. I tell her that its to soon, I need more time to recover. She refuses to stop until I deposit a much smaller amount of goo into her hand and the process begins again while she is laughing harder and harder. Through it all in the back of my mind I say to myself that I am the luckiest guy in the world who can get so much enjoyment by getting hard for females and there curves.

Can there be no doubt

Sure, there is nothing finer in life than to fall in love with what female curves make me want to do. It just gives me so much pleasure to play with myself. Females seem to always tease with my mind. Can you really blame me for falling under their spell? I mean gee whiz, why do they always find ways to show off those curves. Don't they know the effect that they are having on me?

One thing that I believe is true is that females really don't understand what it is to ejaculate. The incredible feeling that I get when I can no longer prevent my seed from escaping my body. I mean gee whiz, females have orgasms and I am sure that it is wonderful, but really can there be nothing better than spilling ones own seed out into the world.

Time to put my very relaxed body into overdrive. I say relaxed because today I took a sauna. Also took one a couple of days ago. Tried to sweat away some of the bad toxins in my body. A sauna can really put me into a relaxed state. It has been decades since I have enjoyed a sauna. I just might make it a regular thing. Time to head back to the front porch to finish off that bowl before shifting gears.