Friday, February 25, 2011

The fun of it all

There are times that I would like to show off my penis hoping that females would take notice, but I know that one reason I would not would be due to shyness and embarrassment. But in my mind I can think about how very cool that would be and how much it turns me on. It is totally awesome that I have been blessed with the penis that I have. I am able to find an incredible amount of pleasure from stroking and teasing it all the while understanding that the closer to the edge I choose to go brings an increased desire to release my seed, sharing it with the universe.

Just imagine what the females who see the bulges under the tight fitting clothing think about while looking at it. Do they have thoughts in a female way kind of like I do while looking at women's curves? Does it give them the same genital response that I get? Does it make them want to masturbate? The immense pleasure, Oh my. How cool is that?

Take a better look at pictures 2, 3 and 4 (from top to bottom). Each one is a picture of the same guy and he hangs right in two of the pictures and left in one of the pictures. Penises really can be fun to play with. Do you think he does that knowing that perverts like me would notice? Or maybe his penis started out hanging to the same side and somehow ended up hanging the other way when the photos were taken. I could see that happening with my small penis, but really, could it actually happen to his? Not likely, but fun to think about, oh yeah. Imagine the feelings that his penis would be sending to his mind during the movement from one side to the other.

Yep, bike riders, swimmers and track and field guys can all have some fun openly displaying the size and shape of their manhood's. So much so that often while watching television sports the camera men will only show the guys from the waist up because the genitals are so openly displayed. Putting it out there for all the females to look at, point too, giggle and talk about. So much fun for all involved. Kind of makes you want to think about playing with your penis right now and see how far you can shoot your cum. And maybe if you happen to be with a friend, you could turn it into a competition to see who can shoot furthest or make the biggest mess. No losers, everybody wins.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Another batch of interesting to me finds. As always, the fat guys I show are not me, but I am as big or bigger than all I post. I give them a thumbs up for being so secure in their bodies that then are willing to share. This guy has a belly as big as mine and as you can see, his penis is very well hidden like mine.