Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't try to pin me down

The first and one of the only sexual experiences I have had with another person (as far as I can remember) was with a friend. His name was Bobby. We were about oh, I would say, maybe 10 to 12 years old. I certainly can't remember the details as to how that happened. My memory is not able to focus on things for very long. Same as real life.

Anyway as I am getting lost in the details, suffice it to say Bobby and I touched the ends of our penises together. The heads. Skin to skin. I don't believe that I was masturbating at that age. How cool is that. The penis knows what it wants. It will find a way on it's own if it has to.

My penis is sending me constant reminders now. Telling me that I need to satisfy the urge that I have. I have got to explode. The problem is that if I don't shortly get nude, grab my catch towel and plop myself down in front of this dog gone confuser, I will continue to experience this intense feeling of pleasure down on my penis and still not having touched it. Neat-o.

The ups and the downs of the blood moving into my penis, really is having an effect on me. I believe that I just had the sensation that my penis is leaking pre-cum.

I just arched my back as far as it would go, directing all of my energy down at the root of my penis. The energy was aligned. My entire body was contributing in the effort to engorge my penis with blood. That felt real good. My penis did not get hard that time. I am sure, given enough time and effort, my penis will get hard and my release will have been worth the effort.

So i guess what I am trying to say is, maybe, that might be part of my problem. What does it mean when a guy who so much loves females and there curves, has his first juvenile sexual experience turn out to be with another guy? I guess I need to think about that. Meantime the only skin to skin time I can for see that I will be doing (and doing shortly) involves my penis and my hand.

I really do need to ejaculate.