Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A perfect way to cum

For me, I would love to cum while I was giving a massage to a naked female while I was naked also. Just think about how many ways you can touch and feel a females body all over. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. I would be all over that body with a fine tooth comb. That would be so much fun.

I would like to believe that I would be giving the female just what she needs. I am not talking about driving her crazy over her body, no, I mean starting her journey where she ends up having an orgasm for herself.

She would feel how soft and gentle my hands could be as I try to touch nerve endings that have never felt that way before. Everywhere. Hands, arms, head, torso, legs, feet. Each communicating to her minds eye how much I do adore curves. Oh, that would feel so good.

The female would be a long distance runner. I like to believe female athletes like to be touched all over. They have their mind and bodies so under control that they would really get into having a massage. In my opinion a marathoner needs to have the ability to focus on the goal just a tiny bit more than female athletes in general. Having the chance to massage a female long distance runner would be great. Letting her natural feelings take over. She would feed off of my desire to gently touch and stroke her. Her intensity would start to build.

She moves one hand gently down to her genitals while her other hand finds it's way to her mouth and breasts. She gives me permission to back away and nods her head in a sign telling me that it is fine to start to play with myself for the first time today. She knows that I must. I cannot be denied. The desire is too great, but I still want her permission anyway.

My mind would lose all control. My allegiance to female curves allows her to control me.  In my mind she is making my penis start to feel incredible. This in turn causes my minds eye to hone in on each fantastic feeling that my penis nerve endings are sending to my brain. The effect that she and her curves have on me has made my penis become moist by my release of pre-cum. My penis begins to throb.

I cannot take my eyes off of her curves. I cannot touch my penis yet. My erection offering will have to do. There is just to much radiance that she is displaying for my pleasure. The surface of her skin shaped by her curves. Is there anything greater? She uses her curves so very well. Her movements a memorizing. I want to wrap my hand around my penis and lose control. I want to thrust my pelvis causing my erect penis to feel the sensation of the grip my hand has on it. I wait. There is just so much to enjoy of her curves. I cannot touch yet.

And then I ejaculate never having touched my penis at all. This all takes place in my mind. The power of female curves. She looks at me and knows that she has caused my penis to erupt all on her own. I never touched it. Oh, the power that she processes. I am forever your humble servant.

Oh, the pleasure that would be. All is right in the universe.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am in love

Yep, I finally admit it. I have been in love for a very long time so I believe I can speak with authority. For as long as I can remember (as far as my memory allows), I have known that there is just one thing that my world revolves around.

It's funny that I dream about doing things that would allow me to escape the spiral that is my life. Perform life for the benefit of others (something that I most often do reluctantly). No, I have a hard time understanding anything beyond my true love.

How great is that. I mean really, how great is that. While many are always in the pursuit of what life offers, a lucky few have all the answers that they need.

Hail, the almighty penis and the offering that it provides in honer of female curves. Thank you, your highness. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Recent discoveries that I found provocative and quite interesting.
Fun, fun, fun

Hook and Loop

Makes me want to feel those curves
While my penis is nowhere near this size, I believe that I am up to this gentleman's capabilities  even holding more sand. Note his right hand in the photo.
I find the photographer has a thing for toes. 

I mean really, how can you not get moist viewing this?

Simply stunning

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Divinyls - I Touch Myself

Bucket List

"Tent in your pants". That was mentioned in the TV show 'Community' that I watched via tape delay this evening. My mind as it so often does, began to wander.

I think it would be neat to find a female who would be willing to tell me about the first time that she could see that she was responsible for causing a tent in a guys pants. She could go into details of what she was thinking to herself. Could it be that at that instant, no matter how young or old she was at the time, she understood the power over men that she, as a women, possessed.

Then she would tell me the details of what she did the first time that she saw a tent in a guys pants that she created. Did she plan it or did it just happen. It does not matter to me if it was planned or not. Give me the details.

Oh, there are also a few additional details in this fantasy of mine. Yup, you guessed it, I would be naked and I would be masturbating. But that's not all. She would be naked and masturbating as well. A grand old time for all. Real sex. That would be real sex for me. We would also be in a room together. Anyone else could feel free to tag along as well. The more, the merrier.

She would go into details about how she set her trap. Even if she said she had a no trapping plan intent at the time she caused the tent in his pants, deep, deep down in what a women is, she knows that she has this power. The greatest power over males that exists.

Sounds like fun to me, but in the meantime solo masturbation will have to do. All the fun for the price of one.