Tuesday, January 31, 2012

x-art девушки


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Middle finger and ring finger

That's the salvation an obese man like me can really enjoy. What I mean, I can have an incredible start to my edging session using just my the fingertips of my middle and ring finger stroking my penis. I am lefty when it comes to masturbating so my middle finger was stroking the right side of my lower penis shaft while my ring finger played with the other side. Let me tell you, I do enjoy it. I do the stroking through my scrotum, so I am not touching the penis directly with my hand. When my penis goes soft (not unlike now), I have to dig deeper to reach it through my scrotum sack. Naturally that means I will be splitting my balls apart.

This is about the best feeling I ever have had while playing with my balls. I don't do that enough. I guess I don't because I think it is somewhat dirty. I mean my penis demands almost all of my attention and tells me that it is me that you are looking for.

I forget about playing with my balls and start applying a one finger stroke on my penis using only my middle finger tip. That's just so nice a feeling. I mean it's like driving a speedboat out on Cass Lake. I really can just bounce around applying just the right amount of touch to the underside of my erection (kind of like what I just went through). Oh my, that was good.

Then my index finger and thumb begin a dance with my penis. Oh my. That's starting to get out of control. The middle finger joins the fun. My penis is now outnumbered 3 to 1.

My penis is getting ready to share the initial wetness out of the hole at the end of my penis.  Then my penis say es to me, hold on partner, that's a long way off. OK I say, you're the boss.

Yes I am and I can see dangerous curves just ahead and it's going to be rough. Before it's all said and done, those two goof balls who started it all will be back playing with me to.

What's great about that is they are all working together. All searching that one goal of displaying my semen in honer of female curves.

I need to say that I have been listening to WCSX HD2 this evening during this discourse. Peter Werby puts on one heck of a show day in and day out. His show is made up of what is now called classic rock.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My catch towel in action


                  I found this video to be very enjoyable to watch. It is kind of nice that the sounds that are captured by the microphone adds a bit to the experience. The bed creaks just a bit, the bed covers make soft noises, the female is a dream come true and in the background you can hear in the distance a train horn.

I was trying to choke off my ejaculation to make several powerful explosions of my semen on my catch towel, but my penis had other plans. There was no forceful outburst, just multiple thick releases. A bunch of my semen ended up on the back of my index finger (not shown). There was also a long string of semen dangling from the index finger fingerprint to the center of my palm (also not shown). The semen was strung out like the monster cables of a suspension bridge. 

It had been a couple of days since my last release and the amount of semen I expelled was a large amount by my standards. It also was a rather fast session for me. No time to edge this time. It was only about 1/2 hour from start to finish. I just might try again a bit later and give the old boy a proper workout. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am in the state of rebellion. I am moving in the general direction of having the pleasure I receive from masturbating take over my life. The pre-planning that my unconscious mind is doing to intensify my ejaculation is becoming overpowering.

Is the love I have for female curves something that makes me crazy?  I believe in my case, it does. I have no other choice than to abuse myself when female curves take over.

Masturbation is my way of letting females know how much I love them and their curves. I am obese and as such food has been major part of my life for a very long time. Lately I am thinking less about food and more about female curves.

The rebel in me is scared. The pleasure of sharing my love of female curves and the erect penis I get with others is becoming a problem. The pleasure of masturbation I enjoy has always been a solo affair. The rebel in me does not want to share it with anyone else, but I do want to watch, but not be watched. I have got to be crazy to deny myself the fun I would have masturbating with someone else on the Internet. I am afraid I would not be welcomed because I am obese.

Recently, I went on Chat roulette while wearing a ski mask. I cannot bring myself to expose my face. My naked huge belly is fully exposed, but my penis is only on the fringe of the view. I click real fast to jump to the next view most of the time when I see a solo male looking back at me. I beat him to the punch because I want to see females, I then enjoy seeing how long females will watch me masturbating. So far, I have not been watched by females except the one time where a couple of young girls burst out laughing while watching me. Needless to say they clicked on to the next camera view real fast. Hey, what can I say, I thought it was kind of cool just the same. I got my feet wet so to speak. Maybe next time a female(s) might watch me a bit longer while I stroke my penis. Ejaculating would be so great for the shy guy that I am.

I am also looking at cam4com, but I only watch there. The rebel in me is wanting me to appear on camera, but I am just not ready.

I am finding that my tastes in pornography knows no bounds (at least, not yet). I love the videos where the people are real and the male penis is out there for all to see while the females are at least semi clothed. I love when the females in the videos do things that are natural and innocent. Everyday people having fun letting ejaculations take place where the semen leaving the penis is exposed for all to see. Oh, I enjoy watching that.

The rebel in me is taking over.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I love a big cumshot - XVIDEOS.COM

I love a big cumshot - XVIDEOS.COM I found this to be very enjoyable. A couple willing to share something like this with me (the chronic masturbator that I am) has always been one of my favorites. I have never experienced anything like this and I find it very stimulating to think how much fun it would really be. Well, maybe one day I might, but until then masturbation works just as well.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ball Sack

I am enjoying playing with my balls. My ball sack is fun to play with when I play with my balls. My ball sack is far larger than my penis. Because my ball sack is so large I get the added benefit of playing with my penis without ever touching my penis with my fingers. I get to wrap my penis with my ball sack and then touch my penis.  It is a nice fun way to masturbate before getting down to the task at hand.