Thursday, February 23, 2012

I love watching this

When I watch this, I get very hard. I mean tree hard. Yeah, my baby stands tall and proud just inviting me to touch the sweet spot. I can hear him knocking right now. Gotta go.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Best night ever

My Friday nights are taken for the foreseeable future. On this evening a female watched me masturbate and did not laugh. I was wearing my ski mask to hide my identity.  Her face was visible. She undressed and let me watch her. She showed herself to me of her own free will. That is rare indeed when one is obese with a small penis. I asked if I could use my lubricant and she gave me permission. Thank goodness for that.

She played with herself and let me watch. She watched when I went through many stages of pleasure while stroking ever faster and faster. I began to lose control and I tore my ski mask off showing her my face. My mind let me go. My mind let nature take over. This is real and not a fantasy my mind said. My release was far better than ever before. She had asked for me to cum for her and I did. I was impressed by the amount of semen my small penis expelled. It went everywhere.

While I was cooling off and catching my breath she said that she wanted to make herself cum as well. Of course I typed my reply. With my hand covered in my semen I started to stroke again and again. I knew that I would not get fully hard again, but I could not resist. She was intoxicating. My semen squished between my fingers as I stroked watching her. My semen acted like a lubricant to ease the soreness on my penis. Her body was wonderful and she was grownup beyond her confessed age. She reached out and touched me at her tender age and did it on her own.

She came and then she told me that she had to go and that she had fun with me. I likewise said pretty much the same to her and added that what just happened was the best sex of my life. Don't forget, I am 60 years old.

She slowly put on her panties and robe and tied a knot in the belt of the see through robe. Just unbelievable. Then she was gone and I left the website enjoying the good feeling all over. Did I say, best night of my life.

I had dreamed of ejaculating for a female since forever.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Video Camera

I have taken the plunge so to speak and tried to upgrade the pleasure I get while masturbating. I purchased a camera that hooks up to my computer and allows me to show parts of my body (my junk). Or so I thought. I have a desktop mac and I have found out that macs are kind of weird. They are designed without a good system that allows external cameras to be used on macs. I have found that more often then not, whenever I go online to show my junk, the built in camera is automatically is selected. There are several problems with that happening. First and foremost I am very shy and do not want to be recognized when I am getting randy. Beyond that, the camera is built into the top of the computer which makes it impossible for me to show my junk with the computer sitting on my table and not show my face as well. I have taken to wearing a ski mask to hide myself.

This darn thing is crazy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. This whole idea of getting turned on by using the Internet as my source of pleasure is addicting. I am always looking for sites that will have something on it that makes me want to play with myself. This is very new for me. I have signed up for Google+ and so far I have found it difficult to understand how this site works. As of right now, my experience using the features of Google+ has been very disappointing.

Anyway, when I am able to get this external camera to be accepted by my computer, I have been able to play with myself online. I discovered a website called Chat roulette where people can watch if they choose to. Because I am obese, most people who see my junk on the Internet make strange faces when they see my junk . My penis is small and my belly fat covers it. My scrotum sack is a major contributor as well. Needless to say most people look and wonder, what the heck is that. All they can make out while I am nude sitting in my office chair is a big clump of wrinkly skin shows a rough outline of my balls with my penis nowhere in sight. People ask if I am a girl thinking that I might be showing very large female vagina lips. It is that confusing to see and I fully understand that.

Because my genitals are the way they are and people react to what it looks like, I quickly decided that that turns me on. I then begin to put on a performance for whoever is watching and slowly show my penis popping out from under all of that flesh. I really get a kick out of that. Sadly for me, most watchers do not hang around for very long and the next viewer pops up. Most quickly leave and I fully understand that.

I really enjoy the concept of CFNM and I find that I am hoping that a female or even better, a group of females will stop and watch me put on a show. When they do, I get very turned on. I also enjoy showing my junk to groups of guys as well to get there reaction. I would guess that about 99% of the viewers on the website are males looking to masturbate for other males. That is not the case for me. I want to show myself to females, so I find I am forever moving on the the next connection.

I get great pleasure watching when there are screams from the person watching telling their friends to hurry over and see my junk, 'you are not going to believe it'. Gosh I love that.

So the bottom line is that I have discovered a new way to get off that needs improvement. I am finding that I am spending far to many parts of the day searching for other web cam sites that may add to my shame.