Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting down in the hood

Raw power explored. This lovely lass provided the perfect fuel to get these two guys off. You can see that she knows what she is doing. Just watch her hips as she slides up and down the huge penis. She does an incredible job of taking the huge penis' that she is presented with. I don't know how she can do it, but she handles every inch that is put inside her various openings.

Note: the video has a bad section of sound about 8 minutes in, but it does go away in a couple of minutes. I found it OK to watch by turning the volume down until this bad period passes.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A very good Sunday night on Chatroulette

Oh, I had a great time tonight. I went on Chatroulette and within 5 minutes a female started watching me. For an obese old fart like me, this is nothing short of incredible. She stayed with me, telling me that she wanted me to ejaculate for her. Wonderful I say to myself. A dream come true for a person like me who never experiences sex with anyone else.

It was fun trying over and over again. The excitement builds time and again and after abusing myself for her pleasure (oh who am I kidding) I came for her. She could not have been older than her mid twenties. She asked me to come (for her) again and I told her I would try, but I am old. I was unable to come for her again, but not from a lack of trying. Heck she hung around for over an hour just helping me out.

I blame that on the rut that I seem to have fallen into and so far have been unable to curtail. I am edging each and every day. I need time to recover. If I abstain for a few days, then I think that I could come a couple of times in a short amount of time because I have done it before (although not that often). Sometimes I just have to come more than once. I did that many times in my younger days. Females curves are just so captivating I could not stop at one ejaculation. I am older now.

This was a video that I recorded one evening getting the lovely young woman's reactions to seeing my small penis.

She had to take a picture because whoever she was talking too did not believe what she was describing over the telephone that she is seeing.  Certainly understandable.