Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Robert Reich Explains How Mitt Romney Got Obscenely Rich

Robert Reich Explains How Mitt Romney Got Obscenely Rich Sorry about getting political, but this short subject does explain a lot of things that are wrong with our country right now.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Success once again

Who said guys without large penises can't get females to watch. I am here to tell you that I do not believe it. Guys with large dick's are all over on the website and guys like me with small dick's are few. With only about 35 minutes of fishing on Omeage.com I was able to snag a pretty female to watch me as I masturbated for her. She gave me plenty of encouragement and then asked me to ejaculate for her. What I found amazing is that I had not started to play with myself before she started watching so I was not excited or erect. I thought that I might have problems cumming in a timely fashion because I always edge before cumming. Good for me, that was not a problem tonight. I shot my load after about 5 minutes of stroking and she watched it all. I figure with her showing me her curves I had more than enough incentive to ejaculate for her. I only wish that she would have had her microphone on, but I like what she offered me anyway.

I feel satisfied and refreshed and now can get a good nights sleep. Lucky, relaxed me.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

After Omegle

I had fun on Omegle tonight. I pretty young female enjoyed watching me play with myself. I kept on begging her to let me come, but she would not. She told me that I had to talk dirty to her and I did. Things were going great. She was getting into it. She showed me her breasts. Her curves were such a joy to behold. She told me that she was playing with herself and that she was getting wet. She would not let me ejaculate. Sadly after about 10 minutes her image froze and she was no longer there. Gosh it was fun while it lasted. I had to ejaculate so I went surfing on the Internet, discovered this video and it allowed me what was necessary to ejaculate. This was a fun night. Be forewarned, HennyRed goes on a rant at the end. If you have never seen her before (and I had not), she is a blast to listen to.