Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

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I think this might be the fate of all chronic masturbaters.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Groundhog Day

The story continues. I find that each day (now) when I wake up, I always have morning wood. I then throw off the covers on the bed exposing my body for all to see. I then make an involuntary pelvic thrust forward into the air with my morning wood still enclosed in my boxers. Sometimes I grab a hold of my morning wood under my boxers and stroke it. Oh my, such a nice feeling. Rarely do I beat one out. I am waiting until later in the day.

Every evening (almost like clockwork) I find myself begin to feel my penis nerves start to stir. The feeling is oh so very weak. There is no way for me to react from such a weak signal. My penis is incapable of engorging itself with blood in all attempts to get hard on it's own. This begins to repeat again and again.

Then I begin to feel the sensations on one side of my penis. It slowly, but steadily becomes constant. This is not a good sensation. It is the sensation of chaffed skin. It is a weak pain and it furthers my inability to get hard by thought alone. I begin to dream of the feeling that this chaffed section on the ridge of my penis head will surly be sending me when I begin to masturbate.

I will begin using more lubrication this night than I did last night in my attempt to to overcome the pain and let pleasure take over. Daily masturbation (edging) does that to my penis. I know that I must take a break and sometimes I do miss a day, but that is happening less than before. My penis is suffering. I am helpless. The pleasure is so intense that I must see through the pain to ejaculate. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

No way out

I am falling deeper into the pit of masturbation addiction. I am sitting for hours on end viewing thousands of different sites on the Internet. Hopelessly searching for stimulation while being naked sitting on my catch towel and playing with my genitals.

I go on the video web chat sites and let viewers look at my small penis. I so very much enjoy letting females look on in horror when they see that my penis is far smaller than all of the other exposed penis's that guys so willingly want to show off.

My penis reacts by releasing a drop of my pre-cum on the tip of my penis. As each drop appears I touch it with my finger tip and then play with it like I see on so many Japanese video's. Touching the drop on the end of my finger with my thumb and pulling the fingers apart while seeing the pre-cum turn into a small rope. I do it again several more times before I take my fingers to my mouth and taste my pre-cum.

I cannot understand why I do that. It is nasty. I know that if I do not get this under control one day I may do the unthinkable. One day I may taste my own semen. It sends shivers through my body just thinking about when that might occur.

Sanity prevails once again as I begin to focus on the pleasure that playing with myself on camera brings. Oh I just love showing my penis to females, letting them see what they make me want to do to myself for them.

Will I ever become satisfied? That is a question that I cannot answer. All I do know is that I cannot stop.