Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rubbing the corner of the Albolene jar

This evening I am going to see if my almost empty jar of Albolene will be enough to take me through my journey. I have a backup jar, but that will mean taking time from my edging session to go and get it. Oh I do enjoy a game within a game. Long live female curves.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I discovered a new way to have fun with myself while outside. I am very late in planting this year. I have had the plants about 3 weeks now so daily watering is a must. Well like anything else, my pervert side creeps out. My watering hose is hooked up to one of those auto re winders and to prevent the nozzle from being yanked into the reel box while rewinding, it is necessary to install a ring on the hose. If you look at the photo, the ring is about 2' from the nozzle. I hold the nozzle end with one hand and the hose with my other hand. More control of the water direction makes watering fun. The ring circling the hose lines up with my junk and while I swing my arm while watering, I can rub the ring up to my junk. Think of the swinging of a hammock and you should get the idea. I think if I am careful, I might start watering while facing the street rather than having my back to passersby. I think it is hard to notice what pleasure I have while doing a common task. I would have to stop to wave at someone if they extended a greeting and I would have a great smile for them as well.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ladies niight

I spent the evening up at the bar. It is ladies night (first Wednesday of each month) and the bar fills up with what I believe to be lesbians and a spattering of males (of all persuasion). What makes it great is lesbians all get together and have one great party. I get to think to myself how great it would be if some of  my fantasies came true.

I am the dirty old man who comes into the bar and his mind goes crazy. He sees each lesbian as just one more reason to want to masturbate. It is that intense. The younger ladies see this dirty old man sitting at the bar at the main corner of the bar. As the night wears on the corner is overrun by females trying to get another drink. The dirty old man has done his homework. He knows that this corner always is short one bar stool and thereby offering direct access to the bar for refills. The young girls want to tease this dirty old man and slowly begin to push against me. Those girls don't understand how much each and every bump they give me makes me want to masturbate. I want to make my penis ache while fully engorged.

I can't say that is fantasy anymore. I truly believe some of these girls take pity on this dirty old man and rub up to me on purpose.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Tonight I am going to masturbate with my right hand for a change. I think it will be intense and I can't wait to begin. Slowing down is hard to do once I get going, but my first erection of the evening must wait. My ball sack is soft to the touch. Pulling on my loose scrotum skin and pinching it feels cool. When I hold it like a tent I am able to wiggle around under it. My balls have the freedom to jiggle back and forth. Boy that's fun. Oh my, I am aching to begin play. The only way out for a  solo edger like me is to make my nightly offering in honor of female curves. Life is great.