Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Made to eat own cum -

Made to eat own cum - I have never tasted my own cum, so you can imagine how hot I think this video is. I started stroking real good when the sticky stuff slipped off her chin and later was being pulled apart between their chins. As the camera view panned back it revealed that she was prepared to catch what slid off. Then things drifted into something I never expected. Anyway, I would like to experience eating my own cum for the first time by a lovely lady who had just blown me off.

Friday, September 6, 2013

First Tuesday

Went to O'gradys Tuesday evening for ladies night. I don't know why, but the place was not packed inside. I did not go outside to see what the crowd was like there, but it there was a nip in the air so I can't believe it was packed any more than inside. That certainly did not effect the enjoyment I had just watching the goings on. Kissing, grabbing taking place all around. All I need do is look for it and that's fun.

About three bars stools down from me a couple were getting it on. The girl who had her back to me was being girl handled on her butt. A nice butt it was encased in bluejeans that were not to tight or too loose. One nice squeeze of the butt cheek before sliding up and down the inner cheek was enough to require me to take a drink of PBR just to divert my eyes before they pop out.

I find that I am now starting to boldly look at individuals and not divert my eyes when I am caught looking. I mean I can't really help it. These ladies are putting it out there.  I am a guy, I am going to look.

I noticed a fellow lurker across the bar. His radar had hooked on this one smoking hot lady who had caught my attention when I first saw her as well just a bit earlier. I sat at my spot at the bar and watched as he could not keep from looking at her time and time again and getting caught looking at her again and again.

Tonight for whatever reason I seemed to concentrate on looking at the ladies who were tall and thin with a boys haircut and a definite bent towards looking like a boy (think somewhat like Miley Cyrus) I started thinking to myself how much fun I will have reliving this encounter once I am at home where I can pursue my pleasure trip. I was not sure how she would fit in my fantasy, but I know she as well as others will be there.

One of the boy girls (this one with bright red eyeglasses and one haircolor on the sides and another on top) I was talking with while she was waiting for drinks got the impression that I was unaware of what this night was. I said sure I know what it is, It's ladies night. She reacts to my answer by interrupting her group who were talking amongst themselves just behind us. She tells them that he does not know what this night is. Then she tells me that it's lesbian night, not ladies night. I somehow enjoyed thinking that she thought she was the one to explain to this "old fart" what was going on.

Well, I have been leaking pre-cum for a while now that it is starting to effect the smooth stroking that I have become accustomed to. Got to put my search engine on boy/girl lesbians and get going.