Saturday, December 21, 2013

Video - 52

Video - 52 I am such chronic masturbater I don't think I would last five minutes before losing my load if that were me. The more I edge, the faster I would cum if I were to experience sex with someone.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pleasing myself

Two hours into my nightly play session and I have managed to enjoy not touching myself with my hands. I tell you it is hard sitting down without squishing around on what ever chair I am sitting on. I pulled a muscle in my upper right leg yesterday and I am using that as an excuse to justify touching myself with my legs.

My ball sac is dragging as I slide further down while sitting on the wooden rocking bench out on the front porch. Enjoying what that feels like makes my penis begin the nightly ritual of pounding it's way to an erection whether I touch it or not. It will find a way to cum. I know that I must touch with my hands later, but I enjoy the moment. Pound after pound. Oh how I love my pointy little penis.

Three hours in and the time has arrived. Time to change gears. Time to downshift before slamming on the gas petal. Ever so softly and slowly my hands creep closer. tugging on my massive amount of skin above my penis. As if by magic as I pull the skin up and away my penis head pops out checking to see if it's all clear to come out and play. And play it will. It's great to have a penis.