Saturday, April 19, 2014

Standing up

In my progression in discovering new ways to stimulate myself. I am beginning the journey in my life where I am able to masturbate while standing for long periods. Up until now I have been unable to stand while masturbating due to my tremendous size. I play until my knees start to hurt.
Whats so great about this is it adds a new dimension into my play times. I now can pretend to move a bit like the videos what I masturbate to.

I have recently cleared a space on (my full of junk) kitchen counter where I have placed my laptop computer. I have been thinking that one day I might check out what masturbating while standing feels like and tonight I discovered that I am able to place my genitals on top of the corner of one of the open drawers where I am able to rub against it and it makes my knees buckle as I rube against it while watching porn. It's that good a feeling. Oh my!

Never having intercourse, this may be the closest to the real thing that I have experienced in my 62 years. So far the only negative I see is that I am placing my genitals against a blunt end, where injury could easily occur if I was to perhaps begin to fall uncontrollably. The feel good feelings tell me to risk it, and I shall compile.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2 Young Boys And One Girl Have Fun On Cam -

2 Young Boys And One Girl Have Fun On Cam - Watch 2 Young Boys And One Girl Have Fun On Cam at! More Action Of Those Teen Guys.. Soon!.

I found this to be fun to stroke to. I hope you like it as well. No cum, just fun.