Monday, September 8, 2014

Fine Start

Oh my, tonight is starting off good. I was sitting on the glider with my right leg crossed (which, by the way is what I should not do according to my chiropractor).  I started using a back scratcher to see how my genital area would react if I ever so softly began to rub it. With my leg crossed it would prove difficult to do (far to much flab). This meant I would need to be a tad more aggressive in my approach. Oh yes, I have made contact. I feel my scrotum first as I push the back scratcher deeper into the gap between my legs. With my leg crossed my balls were being pushed tightly against my scrotum. With my excess amount of scrotum skin this happens infrequently. I concentrated on the touch sensation the scratcher was creating. Very nice indeed.

As I began the pull on the scratcher, the end of the scratcher bounced a bit as it launched off the depression in my ball sack caused by my balls being squeezed together. As tight as the sack was over my balls, the stretched skin created a curb of skin which then caused the scratcher to bounce ever so slightly. As slight as it was, it was enough to cause a flyover on my penis. My penis is so small and my folds of skin are so great that I made contact with my belly completely missing the intended primary target.

As I began to fine tune my strokes with the back stratcher I had to chuckle. I imagined I was imitating a violinist. I was having fun stroking from many different angles.

I was able to slide the end of the scratcher down the underside of my now erect penis. My balls were very near the end of my erect penis hugging my penis.  The balls and scrotum provided a key way for the back scratcher. Once past my balls, my scrotum ensured constant contact to the underside of my penis. The scratcher began to tug on the skin of my penis.

I think I will move on now. It's time to start gooning.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Nicki Minaj, Cassie - The Boys (Explicit)

Fun to begin my Friday evening wanking session. Females really know how to push all the right buttons making for an enjoyable experience.