Friday, March 27, 2015

Naked Yoga

I found this to be a interesting viewing. While laying on my side while in bed my hand wandered around my body. When my fingers found my ball sack sandwiched between my legs with my balls caught on my backside, I found that the touch was amazing. Gently I began to softly touch and feel the sensation of rubbing my balls with one finger for each ball and my middle finger rubbing the skin depression made between my testicles. My right ball was being touched with my index finger and my left ball was being rubbed by the ring finger. My middle finger played the field so to speak.

This sent wave after wave of enjoyment to my penis shaft.

Petting my little bundle of joy makes goose bumps appear on my scrotum. My finger tips are like a painters brush. Sliding my fingers back and forth I pretend that I am stroking guitar strings and each touch creates a joyous sound all of it's own. And the goose bumps makes touching the pubic hair coming from my balls a opportunity to concentrate on one hair at a time. Each hair causing the goose bump to become stiffer. A mans penis is a blessing.

As I roll backwards my knees begin to separate allowing my genitals to stand free. I start rubbing my belly and slowly work my way down over my obese body squeezing my blubber as I go. Tonight will be a fun night as most Friday evenings are. Surfing the Internet for free porn. Fun, fun, fun.